Broadband Problem

  Legslip 13:50 07 Dec 2005

I boot my PC and download e-mails (Outlook) and web search (Int. Explorer) no prob. Then if I go away for an hour or so, when I come back it appears that the broadband connection has dropped and the only way back is a re-boot which is a b....y nuisance. When I try and download e-mails it wont, and web search results in all pages being unavailable.
Win XP, BT Broadband, D-Link DSL-G604T Router. AVG & Zonealarm.

Any ideas? It never used to happen

  karent 14:20 07 Dec 2005

I have the same problem, but it has only happened in the last couple of weeks, since I installed ZoneAlarm and A-Squared so I guess the problem might be with ZoneAlarm. I'm on a dial-up connection not Broadband.

  Stuartli 15:34 07 Dec 2005

Have you checked from Internet Options>Connections tab>Settings>Advanced tab that the Disconnect If Idle and Disconnect If No Longer Required are both unchecked?

  Stuartli 15:35 07 Dec 2005

A BB connection created manually is done using DUN, the only difference being that when configuring you select ADSL rather than dialup in the menu.

  keith-236785 19:08 07 Dec 2005

i too had plenty of problems since the last update from Zone Alarm, web browsing was slow, my postings on here would not load etc.....

my advice would be to disable zone alarm (albeit just as a trial) and test your system, though i wouldnt advise leaving it for an hour or more with no firewall, enable the windows firewall while zone alarm is turned off. test it and then start zone alarm again.

if you find it is zone alarm then look for an alternative.

i use a router with built in firewall so it was goodbye to zone alarm. your router apparently has a firewall built in too (Network Security with Integrated Firewall Features from click here), check it out. you might not need any more firewalls.

  karent 13:30 08 Dec 2005

I did as paperman27 suggested and disabled ZoneAlarm. No problem now, I haven't had to reboot once. I've got Windows firewall enbabled instead. As I said before, I'm on a dial-up connection so it's not something exclusive to broadband.

  Jak_1 23:35 08 Dec 2005

I am on broadband and have the latest update for zonealarm installed. No problems at all with dropped conections and my pc is online 24/7 with an average of 8 explorer windows open and various other programs running plus all the usual security programs. Browsing is not slow even though I am still using a 512 conection and quite often get dl speeds of 70 - 80kbs/sec.

Most dialup conections have a 2 hour cutoff period where you need to re-conect anyway. I would think that there is some other reason for the dropped BB conection. Have you checked out Stuatli's suggestion?

  Jak_1 23:37 08 Dec 2005


those dl speeds are for files from various websites .

  Stuartli 23:56 08 Dec 2005

I'm with Tiscali. If I leave my system for quite a while (left on but windows minimised and the BB connection left running), the BB has sometimes shut down but instantly reconnects when I open one of the windows or Thunderbird.

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