Broadband Problem

  SMILEY2 16:07 09 Jul 2005

After being on aol Broadband for a year,with no problemS,I now find that if someone picks up the phone when I am logged on My speed decreases to a crawl and then logs of. I have four DSL filters on my phones throughout the house,which I have tested independently none of which seem to work.Would it be possible that all the filters would have gone at the same time. AOL Cannot help,any Ideas Please.

  Taff36 16:12 09 Jul 2005

You would get very good odds if you put a bet on that happening! There`s no chance. What make and model of phone have you got? Is it a DECT phone and how is that connected to the master socket. Where is the filter on that line?

  SMILEY2 18:04 09 Jul 2005

Hi Taff36 I have an audioline CLD60 Phone Which I have plugged into a Phone Socket upstairs, The Master socket is in my hall but it does not connect to that the filter goes straight into the Socket near my computer.

  Taff36 18:52 09 Jul 2005

So there`s a filter upstairs on the audioline CLD60 and one between the Modem and the master socket?

  SMILEY2 20:12 09 Jul 2005

Yes I have one on the master socket which of course has a phone on that one as well

  Taff36 21:31 09 Jul 2005

And the problem occurs when either phone is used or just the Audioline? By the way, are the filters all the same make and if so what make and how much did you buy them for. (My IT supplier convinced me that the cheaper one`s are unreliable and don`t "filter" as well as branded one`s. I took it with a pinch of salt at the time)

  SMILEY2 10:25 10 Jul 2005

Hi Taff36 sorry about the delays in responding to your answers. Yes I have swapped the phones around,and as I say I have tried taking every phone in the house off and just using the one connection.
the filters are exselsus and they were the ones that came with the AOL package. The Broadband line itself must surley be okay because it works fine until I pick a phone up.

  Taff36 10:48 10 Jul 2005

Not sure about the last assumption. When I had experience of BT enabling a line at a business premises, and a brand new telephone system being installed with 4 extensions there were problems with the line. It took BT two weeks to track the fault because it had coincided with an exchange problem which they sorted in a few days.

I know that BT have been carrying out routine maintenance alongside exchange upgrades and perhaps your exchange has been one of those. You can try their Status Line 0800169 0199 to see if there is an ongoing problem in your area and the BT website. I would also suggest a call to BT and describe your problem. They do charge for engineer visits so be careful what you agree to.

I`ve discounted any problem with the filters. The AOL ones should be adequate.

  SMILEY2 12:15 10 Jul 2005

I had already been in touch with BT, as they have been working on the lines locally,however they have checked the line, and reported back to me that all is okay,AOL have said that I need to buy a G11 ext cable to run from my master socket so they can check the line. but the fact that I can accsess the internet with no problems. means nothing so I shall have to purhase this cable.

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