Broadband plus webspace - which one?

  yattonharry 18:19 18 Oct 2005

Hi there, I have read your messages on Broadband and I have rung several ISPs and examined their websites. I am completely lost now and more confused than ever. I am with Claranet, reliable but expensive ADSL. Tiscali showed promise but if you don't like [reading small print] and wish to opt out BEFORE 12 months then you pay something like £59 as you have had a free modem and connection. I have Claranet 24/7 [Freetime Anytime] and I like this always on when I want. Tiscali also does not offer it's own servers for webspace, whilst Claranet does. I shall take a look at Blueyonder and Metronet now I have compared the ISPs I was interested in, but if anyone can add ideas and help, I would be pleased to learn more. I understand that Claranet is a 'full' ISP - so are some of the others hosting services only?

We have two computers in different rooms and wish these to both connect to internet at the same time. The rooms are not all that close, i.e they do not back on to each other, so is there a problem here?

Many thanks.

  Skills 20:48 18 Oct 2005

I with tiscali and find there service very good, well priced and its unlimited. The only ISP that I know of that doesn't have a 12month contract is virgin but having seen the problems a friend is having with them and reading some stuff on the web I wouldn't recommend them. Plus they still charge you a 50 quid leaving fee if you cancel before 12months.

As far as webspace goes you can get free webspace from bravenet or do you need something for business purposes.

Connecting the two PC's together, I would say getting a wireless router and wireless card for one pc. The other one would connect to the router using a network cable.

  yattonharry 06:46 19 Oct 2005

Many thanks Skills,
It is good to know what others feel. You do though, I feel have to pay £59.00 before 12 months is up if you wish to change from tiscali.

Thanks I do know about the free webspace offerings, but I'm not one for all those adverts thanks, would rather plain! ;-))

Thanks about wireless will take a look at this.

  handful 07:44 19 Oct 2005

You could try Freeola click here I host my website with them from my old 'dial-up' connection and have never had any problems. They have a minimum 6 months and as a bonus, you get a free spam filter for email as well. I don't think they give you a free modem though.

  yattonharry 22:53 19 Oct 2005

Cheers thanks for help

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