Broadband and phones query

  Happy37 08:58 16 May 2008

Hello everyone

I have got a 2 PC network which normally runs okay, including the Internet from Virgin Media.

I use a Netgear DG834GSP wireless router for this, and all works fine, until this week as there has been a change in the phones setup, hence this query thread?

Here's the phones/microfilters setup:-

1. Sky box - filter connected to the BT cable, but BT cable not connected to phone line thanks to a huge phone bill for playing and downloading Sky games never will be either.

2. Fax machine - BT cable plugged into a microfilter, yet the microfilter is only plugged into the BT socket when the fax is needed/used.

3. Shop - there is a new Oyster card machine which is connected to the BT socket via a microfilter. Will this interfere with the existing broadband connection, and what can be done to change this so that it won't???

Would this cause the broadband to drop connection, as I think that this has happened once, and I don't want it to happen again?
The cable that connects this machine is plugged into the phone jack in the microfilter, and the filter itself is plugged into the BT socket.

Another question is regarding "updates" to this machine. When the machine is used for transactions - will our phone line be engaged?

4. Corridor - there is a phone that was originally plugged into the BT phone socket in the shop where the Oyster machine is now. The phone is attached to a microfilter which in turn is connected to a BT phone socket.

5. My PC setup - Computer 1 is connected to the router, and the router is connected to the phone line via a microfilter.

Can anyone please see how to improve or change this setup so as not to interfere with the broadband, or am I getting worried for nothing?

Anything that I have missed to add, please let me know.

All responses gratefully received.



PS - Does this query belong here, or is there another forum where I should post this instead?

  Happy37 09:35 16 May 2008


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