Broadband / Phone problem

  Dirk Diggler 15:38 12 Feb 2006

Got an intriguing one that has got me stumped!

Am using a 1MB BT BB connection, which works fine. Also using a BT Studio 60 home cordless phone, which also works okay.

Problem comes when the PC is switched on there is a terrible buzzing sound at our end of the phone (clear at the other end)

Have tried replacing

ADSL Filters
Cordless phone (for another cordless)

Also, distances between PC, Phone sockets etc are ok.

The problem does not occur, however, when using a corded phone! So I am thinking along the lines of the frequency between phone & handset???

Any suggestions gratefully received (as BT want to charge £65 for an engineer to come look at it - even thought the BB and Phone are both BT!!)

Many thanks in advance.

  EARLR 16:25 12 Feb 2006

I have heard that pc's put out a lot of R.F. and cordless phones operate using radio frequencies. That could be your problem. Can you change the channel on the phone? if so try it and see.
Hope this helps.

  Graham ® 16:39 12 Feb 2006

You say 'when the PC is switched on', does it matter if you are online or not?

  Dirk Diggler 17:15 12 Feb 2006

No it makes no difference - as soon as th PC is switched on the buzzing starts

  Jackcoms 17:28 12 Feb 2006

Ditch the cordless 'phone - its RF signals are the cause of your problem.

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