Broadband / phone advice please

  charlton200 09:08 19 Apr 2008

I have had tiscali 1mg broadband for about 3 years, no complaints only terrible technical support, broadbands been OK though.

Now i want to upgrade.
Should i keep to broadband only and my phone separate or go with a call package.
I not sure if i want my phone with Tiscali though.

So call package or not and with who?

or phone and separate broadband.

Get a bit confused with this midfield so any advise would be great.


  johndrew 09:34 19 Apr 2008

The choice is a personal one based on your wants and needs.

My personal choice is to keep them separate. I use Orange broadband and BT `phone. That way I have the flexibility to change my ISP without affecting the `phone and vice versa.

If you are unhappy with the support provided by your ISP why would you want to tie your `phone in with them as well? Unless it is purely on cost grounds.

  Technotiger 09:42 19 Apr 2008

I would advise a call-package with BT. I am on BT Broadband - Option3 and although one does hear complaints about Indian call-centres and so on, I have no complaints, having been with BT for many years.

Have a look at click here and click on the HOME box.

  laurie53 09:45 19 Apr 2008

Like John Drew, my ISP is Orange and my phone BT, though as I mainly use Skype I suppose technically they share the telephone load!

  rawprawn 09:48 19 Apr 2008

I agree with Technotiger, I moved from Tiscali about 9 months ago and I am delighted. I have the same package as Technotiger and decided that this was best for me after using Tiscali for telephone and Broadband. I had a problem with the telephone, and neither BT nor Tiscali really wanted to help, each blaming the other.

  charlton200 11:18 19 Apr 2008

Thanks for your points.

Cost being an issue as I am on ill health and out of work, I find Bt although the best a bit pricey with a cap on lower cost options on usage.

Thanks for the points on call packages.

  Pineman100 14:31 19 Apr 2008

I've been with Tiscali broadband for about 2 years, and I must say I have no complaints.

I've looked at upgrading my deal to a combined phone and broadband package, but they can't do it because their equipment isn't installed in our local phone exchange. A pity, because the costs look attractive.

If you do find yourself veering towards Tiscali for your phone, you might want to check that out for your own situation.

  johndrew 15:17 19 Apr 2008

I agree with Technotiger and rawprawn about the BT Option 3. I was on the Option 1 package prior to them revamping everything. It is now slightly cheaper with further reductions for paperless billing. The details of their plans - including broadband - are here click here. If you want the equivalent of Option 3 you need to look at the `Unlimited Anytime` plan; but remember to read the small print and take into consideration that you need to re-dial before the hour is up.

  amonra 15:33 19 Apr 2008

The major factor in my decision making was maintenance of the telephone line. I live quite a way from the exchange on a not-so-good length of BT cable, so my line goes down more often than you city dwellers. BT engineers are happy to investigate faults and clear them when instructed by BT control, but I am reliably informed that "alternative" suppliers are bumped DOWN the queue ! I know it's not BT policy etc. etc. but it does happen, so think carefully before making your decision.

  jc malburry 15:49 19 Apr 2008
  MT5000 16:03 19 Apr 2008

Had lots of occurences of dropout with Tiscali so changed and haven't looked back since. Excellent service and won't go back to Tiscali.

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