Broadband options - how can I save money?

  The Dazza 20:59 26 Mar 2009


I currently pay £22 per month for Virgin media broadband M package (which I believe is under 10mb limit)and a landline.

Now, I have a good mobile so I don't feel I need a landline. I was seriously considering a dongle for my pc and then using it on a laptop I am about to get.

Are dongles any good compared to the virgin media broadband deal I currently have?

Can anyone sign post me to a good deal if they are as good as the virgin media M broadband deals?

Thanks a lot in advance.

  mgmcc 22:43 26 Mar 2009

Mobile Broadband dongles use the mobile phone networks and performance varies dramatically depending on levels of traffic on the network. I have a dongle on "3" and at about 7 o'clock in the morning can get a download speed of about 1Mbps. In the evenings, I have had it fall to about 280kbps. These are "" results - in practice the connection can seem to be considerably slower than that.

There is absolutely no way in which you would get a performance comparable to your 10Mbps Virgin Cable with a Mobile Broadband connection.

  birdface 22:54 26 Mar 2009

You are on 10 mb with Virgin and you will be getting a free upgrade to 20mb this year.So maybe better staying where you are.

  ACOLYTE 00:46 27 Mar 2009

I just changed from BT to O2 and it was the best move i ever did,BT was costing me £23 a month for 8Mb,i now how 20Mb for £9.96 a month,i couldnt be happier,and my speed problems,that BT said i didnt have suddenly vanished as soon as i changed over.

  mgmcc 07:54 27 Mar 2009

>>> You are on 10 mb with Virgin and you will be
>>> getting a free upgrade to 20mb this year.

Can you confirm where that info came from? I'm on their 10Mbps (L) service at the moment and I know the 2Mbps (M) is being upgraded for "free" (Virgin-speak for increasing by £2/month) to 10Mbps (L) from May, but I've seen no reference to the current 10Mbps (L) service being increased to 20Mbps (LX) for "free". I was offered an upgrade to 20Mbps for £30/month, but opted instead for a reduction from £25 to £18 for my existing 10Mbps.

  birdface 08:45 27 Mar 2009

Will have to search for the post.But will put it on here for you when I find it.

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