Broadband only works on Master Socket

  MajorBflat 14:47 14 Nov 2005

I've just installed AOL Silver BB, with filters on all phones as instructed. (We don't have sky/alarms) It didn't work - got 'no dial tone' message on Voyager modem test. Carted the PC downstairs and connected it to the Master socket. Still didn't work until I disconnected the feed to the extensions from within the master socket. It works like that and with a filter the 'phone works too, but I don't want my PC on my lounge floor and I do want phone extensions upstairs! I can get round it with complex arrangement of extensions and filters but wonder if anyone can tell me why it doesn't work with a filter on each hardwired extension. Even connecting ONE wire of the extension cable back into the master socket causes the DSL light on the modem to go out. How can this be?.

(Have looked at AOL's message boards but I think most of the postings are from idiots!)

  Skyver 15:00 14 Nov 2005

How many phones do you have in total?

  MajorBflat 15:04 14 Nov 2005

We have four, but it didn't work with even just one of them connected.

  Skyver 15:08 14 Nov 2005

I was gonna say `too many phones`, but that's obviously not the case. Did you disconnect all the other phones from the extension(s) before putting the wire(s) back?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 14 Nov 2005

Extensions connexted creectly click here

  Diemmess 15:31 14 Nov 2005

Three things which might be worth a try. In reverse order of importance!!!

(1)If your wire length from upstairs to the master socket is not over 10 metres, you can run the RJ11 cable from the master socket direct to the modem. Longer cables are cheap and obtainable from almost any computer shop.
I think you would get away with >10m but that is the limit Aol set down.

(2) Dial-up and analogue systems can benefit from BT "turning up the gain" on your line at the exchange. The service is free and merely requires that you phone the engineers with your request.
When I was Aol dialup, the gain thing added 30%to download speed.
Whether this has a benefit with BB I have no tech knowledge, but guess it should. Gain improves the signal but amplifies line "noise" to the same degree. Even so unless you have a "noisy line" it should help.
The change is reversible.

(3)You say you have 4. Like me! Where is the non-AOL kit filter? I bought one which looks neater than the BT job but like you didn't work if used at the same socket as the RJ11 line..... It was OK in any other place.

  DieSse 17:44 14 Nov 2005

It's quite possible that the wiring from the mastersocket on to the extension sockets is faulty. Possibly bad/noisy connections and/or poor quality cables. I've seen this a number of times.

  961 17:56 14 Nov 2005

Sounds like fault on internal wiring. If this was done by BT ask them to test it and fix any fault. May well be earth fault

You can test the system yourself by going to and trawling through the fault interrogation of your line

You can also go through the Voyager help for problems, but if it works from the master socket it's probably an internal earth fault and the answer is to re-do the internal wiring

  smy13 20:11 14 Nov 2005

My issue centred on running BB from a BT socket in an up stairs bedroom, over time the quality of the wiring has decade making it unable to carry the BB signal, according to the BT engineer this is a common issue with modern houses as the wires are just plastered into the wall. I’m now running from the main BT socket through a ADSL kit the engineer left (this does away with the need for micro filters) I did observe from watching the BT Bod that under your main BT socket you have a engineers test socket if you plug you kit into this and get a constant signal the issue is after the ADSL signal enters your property hope this helps

  ASTRoberts 07:43 15 Nov 2005

Hi MajorBflat :)
i am no expert on this but have just upgraded to aol silver bb. my system is in the attic connected to bt basepoint mastersocket by cheap 25m tandy extension cable, aol dialup worked fine. expert advice was i would be lucky if bb worked with my setup, but it would be easy and cheap to get bb working, so i ordered it and it worked great :) expert said it worked because i live in a city near an exchange and line quality / signal strength into my house must be good. what you are interested in is advice he gave if it did not work :-
1. disconnect all phones, answer machines, faxes, burglar alarms etc.
2. check with bt there are no temporary problems with local exchange and / or try it each day for a week
3. move the pc near to basepoint mastersocket
4. test the modem and filters on a mate's bb setup
5. replace tandy extension cable with rj11 cable which maintains line quality / signal strength from basepoint mastersocket to modem
6. relace modem with router which has other advantages like better firewall protection, can network pcs and use dialup.
7. bt still employ a little man who can move your basepoint mastersocket to right next to your pc for less than £100
8. finally if all else fails, buy a house near a top quality bt exchange !!
i hope the experts here will correct / confirm the above advice.
Good Luck MajorBflat and do please let us all know the outcome !!

  Graham ® 08:52 15 Nov 2005

A friend had the same problem. Eventually, I diverted the incoming line to the upstairs socket. Then I sent the line back downstairs, using a spare pair in the extension cable, connecting to the screw terminals of the Master socket. Ensure the bell wire on connector 3 of the Master socket, lower portion, is connected to each socket connector 3.

It may seem strange that this solved the problem, even though I used the same cables!

Note that you are not allowed to do this! But if anyone asks, say a BT engineer did it.

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