Broadband on an old comp.

  lingdale 11:55 12 Nov 2005

I am using an old computer with windows 98 and only 2GB hard drive. If I sign up for broadband will this affect download speed?

  De Marcus™ 12:00 12 Nov 2005

No it won't, but with broadband you'll find yourself downloading large files more often, and you'll fill a 2gb hard drive in less than an hour.

  ACOLYTE 12:00 12 Nov 2005

I dont think iut would affect the download speeds that would be up to the phone line and what BB package you get.You may need USB ports on the pc as most BB modems are USB.

  Chegs ® 12:03 12 Nov 2005

It doesn't affect your PC,I have an old laptop (233Mhz CPU + 4Gb HD)that is setup to share my connection with several desktops.

  De Marcus™ 12:06 12 Nov 2005

If your not ready to upgrade your pc, you could always buy an external hard drive, also ACOLYTE makes a good point.

  keewaa 12:21 12 Nov 2005

Just in case you're asking will signing up to broadband affect your downloading speed ... yes it will x20 + . Even old computers can take full advantage of the increased speed of broadband.

  lingdale 13:28 12 Nov 2005

Thank all who gave me quick replies.

  The Spires 13:58 12 Nov 2005

You will be far better using a ADSL network router to connect to the net than a USB modem, routers use zero resources on your pc but USB modems require high current and system resources.

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