broadband and nortons antivirus liveupdate?

  smlcool 04:42 29 Aug 2004

i have recently updated to a broadband service with F2s so that i cna share my access over a router with another pc and a wifi laptop... however my problem is to get nortons antivirus 2003 to liveupdate atumatically. the other pc and the laptop has no problems doing the same thing.. but yet i have to manually go to Systemantec to d/l their updater by myself... so now that SP2 is installed it cant check the intergrity of the virus software. i have checked all the other pc and changed to the same settings but everytime i press autoupdate it said that i am not connected to the net.. yet i have no problems firing up IE or even outlook or messenger... they never ask me to connect etc etc..

any solutions?? sytemantec web site was NO help either....

  mgmcc 08:53 29 Aug 2004

Have a look at the Live Update settings. Open Norton AntiVirus and click on Live Update then, in the box to run Live Update, click the "Options" menu, followed by "Configure".

See if the settings in the problem PC differ from those in the other PCs.

  VoG II 09:05 29 Aug 2004

Windows Security Centre will not detect that you have Norton AV or firewall click here

If you are being annoyed by the Windows Security Centre warnings you can turn it off. Start, Run, type in


and click OK. Scroll down to "Security Center" and double click the entry. Click the Stop button and change the Startup type to Disabled, then click OK.

  smlcool 05:02 31 Aug 2004


that is the exact prob.. all the pc show the same setting but i cannot auto update because it says i have no net connection...


that is a ggod help thanks

But i still can set the antivirus to update auto...

anyone know why?

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