Broadband newbie problem

  richierich 21:58 02 Mar 2004

Got my AOL kit set it up OK logged on, but after about 30-40 minutes it stalls and cuts out and wont let me connect again for a while.
Contacted AOL who said they would test the line tommorow but I suspect the line is ok and the modem is faulty,as it takes a while for the second LED to come on,
anyone have any ideas

  JIM 22:53 02 Mar 2004

Your Win OS would help and system spec.

Could suggest a long list but none that could be as well covered as in the AOL HELP list.Just click on the tab and you will see most poss answers under Aol broadband.

Dont be to quick to say the modem is at fault.----
(I have said the same in the past,was wrong)

Use the modem tools in the taskbar to checkout your connections/adsl modem.

"while for the second LED to come on" Could be down to the install of the aol hardware or software or even your system software or hardware. My modenm lights at bootup varies. The third light is the important one.

  richierich 22:57 02 Mar 2004

I will investigate further, meanwhile I have had about an hour and three quarters of uninteruupted use so maybe its ok, but i'll see.
thanks Jim

  JIM 23:02 02 Mar 2004

Sounds good,i can see the big :))))))))))) on your :o) Hope all goes well.


  Kinder Scout 23:11 02 Mar 2004

Have you got a filter on every phone including a sky connection etc?

  richierich 23:16 02 Mar 2004

I have only one phone socket, no extensions or sky.
Its been OK for about 2 hours, Just switched off system and restarted no problem so maybe its alright now, Ill leave it on overnight and see how it is in the morning.
thanks all.

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