Broadband networking

  johnexpgn 18:39 25 Aug 2009

I wish to set up a broadband connection from my computer downstairs to another computer upstairs.
I have a Talktalk Broadband modem SMART AX MT882 which has one LAN and one ETHERNET connection at the rear.
I have an ethernet connection on both computers.
I have been looking at homeplug adapters notably the dLAn duo Starter kit.
I am not sure how the connections work out with this combination.
Can I use the LAN socket to connect directly to one of the computers and use the ethernet socket to connect to the homeplug device?
Or do I have to just connect to the homeplug device with the ethernet socket and use the second homeplug device on the computer downstairs and a third device on the computer upstairs?
Or do I need a replacement modem with several ethernet outlets and then connect direct to one computer and also to the homeplug device on the wall socket?
There seem to be so many combinations of gadgets that are possible. I just want a simple reliable way of being able to use my broadband connection on both my computers.
Opinion seems to be for the homeplug devices rather than miles of ethernet cable and they seem to be faster and more reliable than wireless solutions.
I would be interested in anyone's experiences.

  Fingees 20:15 25 Aug 2009

You may do better in the network forum.

Just a thought.

  Fingees 20:15 25 Aug 2009

You may do better in the network forum.

Just a thought.

  ambra4 03:28 26 Aug 2009

The simple and cheapest way would be to use a 5 port switch connected to the modem ethernet

port and then connect both computers to the switch one directly and the second one via the dLAn

duo Starter kit

D-Link 5 Port 10/100 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

click here

  oldbeefer2 09:34 26 Aug 2009

This from the devolo wesite.

I have a basic ADSL USB modem and want to share my Internet access with a 2nd computer – can I still use dLAN adapters with this setup?

Yes – However you will need to configure ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on the computer that is attached to the ADSL USB modem in order for the 2nd computer to access the Internet. Both computers will need a dLAN adapter connected – and then they can both access the Internet independently. (Please note that the computer attached to the ADSL USB modem will always need to be ‘on’ in order for the 2nd computer to access the Internet) We have prepared a document which explains this setup in more detail here: Internet connection sharing
devolo Recommendation: If you have several computers to network, you may also want to consider upgrading/ replacing your ADSL USB modem with a combined modem/router with 4-port hub which can provide a more effective networking solution. (And also means that the 1st computer does not have to be on all the time) In this setup, your 1st computer can connect directly to the router via Ethernet, and the devolo dLAN adapters are respectively connected to another spare Ethernet port on the router… and to your 2nd computer.
" They do seem to recommend using a router.

  oldbeefer2 09:35 26 Aug 2009

= website.

  johnexpgn 09:55 27 Aug 2009

Thank you for all your comments.
I have decided to change my modem to a 4 port unit which I have purchased from TalkTalk. This will enable me to connect direct to one computer downstairs and enable me to connect to the other upstairs via a develo homeplug device an have two spare ports to connect my notebook etc as suggested by oldbeefer2,

  johnexpgn 18:44 10 Sep 2009

Broadband Network

I have now succeeded in connecting the two computers to the broadband connection!!

I messed about buying a new wireless router from my broadband supplier 'TalkTalk' which, despite being assured it would work with the TalkTalk system, did not work. So I sent it back and claimed a refund. What a waste of time!!

I then obtained a 5 port ethernet switch from Maplin for £19.99 and connected a loop lead from my original router to the switch. Then connected another ethernet lead directly to my desk top from the switch. Then a 3rd lead connecting a Devolo Homeplug adapter plugged into the mains socket to the switch.

I then plugged in a second Devolo Adapter into the mains socket upstairs and connected it up to my other desktop computer. The internet was immediately accessible upstairs as well.

No lengthy and expensive wiring and no interference on a wireless link and all done in about 15-20minutes.

  ambra4 16:37 11 Sep 2009

Glad to hear all working


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