Broadband network unprotected and unaccessible

  funkey_monkey 13:07 20 Dec 2007


I am having problems with my wireless network.

I’m using a Linksys WRT54G wireless router and connecting to the internet using NTL.

On Monday evening my Firewall (ZoneAlarm) decided for some reason to try to download a Vista update. I believe I managed to stop it before it done anything, but…

Coincidently or otherwise my protected wireless network is now being shown as being unprotected (how would that have happened without someone disabling it?) and noone in the house can connect to it.

I ran the NTL Broadband Medic which initially stated there was a problem with the firewall. I deleted ZoneAlarm as I’ve no confidence in it now and reran the Broadband Medic. It then stated that there was a problem and the Network Adaptor Test failed.

I’ve not got a notion how to fix this. Does anyone have suggestions?

The only previous time that I set up the wireless network I got someone to talk me through it. Secondly, can you have multiple (2 or more) networks running off the same router? I want to ensure that the previous network is fully deleted if I have to reinstall - how do I do this?

Is there anywhere that I can get decent instructions guiding me to setting up the network?

Finally, if I opt to reinstall and go for WPA protection can someone with a .b compliant wireless card use the network?


  Kemistri 14:00 20 Dec 2007

I don't rate ZA either - I use Comodo, Jetico, or Kaspesky for networks. That said, I'm struggling a bit to work out why ZA would be to blame. But more to the point....

Have you looked in the router's config yet to see if the WPA-PSK is still stored? I assume that you were smart and used that before this problem arose, but you mentioned at the end "if I opt to......go for WPA protection" which suggests that maybe you were wide open or using WEP. (Amounts to much the same thing really...)

  funkey_monkey 14:09 20 Dec 2007

Yip I had WEP enabled - which is why I'm so confused as to why it has now become disabled.

Although I can see the wireless network, I can't access it. Meaning I think I have to reinstall the network - is this a simple task or it is difficult to remove all of the previous network?

  Kemistri 14:22 20 Dec 2007

Networks are not installed - not home/office router networks anyway - so there's nothing to do other than a few moments' work in the configuration and then the usual method of connecting to your wireless LAN, except you'll enter a new key. Any client firewalls should either permit the LAN IPs or request a rule.

I often write this, but make sure that you create and save your WPA-PSK in a text file (give it an innocuous name) before pasting it into the router and any clients. So much easier.

Access the configuration via Ethernet and if you don't get access, reset the router. I'd give you a link to the PDF manual but you should have it already (provided on CD) and there are just so many flavours of the WRT54s anyway.

  Kemistri 14:23 20 Dec 2007

BTW - makes me think that maybe some wardriver with a wared sense of humour decided to lock you out of your own LAN by changing the WEP key. Possibly. Just a thought.

  Kemistri 14:24 20 Dec 2007

wared = warped

  funkey_monkey 10:41 21 Dec 2007

Well the network is back up and running after minimal invasion by myself - albeit without protection.

I just need to get the WEP up and running and thats that.

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