Broadband Network Speeds

  PaulB2005 22:49 21 Oct 2005

Ok so i have a 4 MegaBit per Second Cable Broadband Service.

THis PC is connected at 100 MegaBits Per Second via an Ethernet Cable.

A Second PC is connected by wireless at 54 MegaBits per Second.

So is there going to be any point in getting faster networking equipemtn in the future whilst my Broadband connection is less than 54 Mbps?

Or am i confused? Gone through so many bits of paper trying to work out what all these speeds mean.

  Chegs ® 01:41 22 Oct 2005

Only difference you'll see is transferring files between PC's.The one PC with a 100MegaBit connection will be the fastest,but only to another 100MegaBit enabled PC.The second PC with a 54MegaBit connection is limited to that speed,and both machines are faster than your net connection.So,to shift files between PC's presently equiped,you'll typically see 54MegaBits,send them via the net,and you'll only see 4MegaBits(or whatever your upload speed is,usually 256Kbs/512Kbs)Should make it as clear as mud. ;-)

  PaulB2005 06:43 22 Oct 2005

No. Makes it absolutely clear. I'd forgotten about using the network to send files (thats my next project - to finally get file and printer sharing working).

I did wonder why the network speeds where higher than the available broadband speeds..


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