Broadband network problem

  mahalo 23:25 29 Mar 2007

When I use broadband wireless stystem, my computer is detecting a sky network, I have a BT home hub, but I think the young man next door has Sky. Is he able to access my computer at all ?>

  woodchip 23:28 29 Mar 2007

You are sure it's not you picking his up?????

  woodchip 23:30 29 Mar 2007

My guess is your picking is unsecured Wireless router up

  rodriguez 23:33 29 Mar 2007

Is this Sky network that it detects encrypted? (It should have a little padlock icon next to the connection name). I have Sky Broadband and the encryption was already on when I got the router. Also the guy next door won't be able to access your computer if your encryption is on (which it should be if it's a fairly new router).

  mahalo 23:37 29 Mar 2007

I am picking up his sky router or hub, but is he picking up my BT wireless home hub ?, I was asking if he could access my computer as he his very good with computers, and I have heard about it happening. I am a wee bit worried about this.

  mahalo 23:48 29 Mar 2007

Yes it has a padlock, and my hub has too, so can I take it that my computer is safe from access ? as I I have personal data on it.

  woodchip 23:49 29 Mar 2007

He will pick yours up if you have not encrypted your Wireless setup

  mahalo 23:54 29 Mar 2007

Could you tell me how to do that please ?

  woodchip 00:00 30 Mar 2007

Start your Browser Internet Explorer or what you use. You should have got instructions with the router on how to get to the setup page as you have to type address into the address bar Mine is but your may differ as above depends on your modem. Press enter after putting address in. The Login May say ADMIN type in box just as you see it, It can also be changed. But if you change it, make sure to write it down and put it where you can find it

  mahalo 00:12 30 Mar 2007

I am sorry woodchip,being an old dear and a novice, I dont understand, Thanks anyway.

  ^wave^ 09:11 30 Mar 2007

who set up your network did they use wep or wpa these are security settings. you will beable to see any wirelss network that is in range of you if it is secure you wont be able to use it and it will say secure network

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