Broadband modems quality

  logoff 22:13 14 Feb 2012

Does anyone know if it is possible to buy a better quality modem for home use that might improve the down/upload speed? I'm with O2 and they are not bad but I live in London and get download speeds of usually about 4 Mbps (recently 2.6) and upload of about 1.

Also, if it is possible and you obtain one -is it easy to set up? Many thanks L

  spuds 23:13 14 Feb 2012

Your speed would depend on a number of factors.

A different router/modem might improve the situation, as would the profile that your ISP as provided.

The line and exchange equipment would also have to be taken into consideration. Run a number of different speed, MTU and Trace tests, then compare the results, and ask your ISP what speed you should expect. If your tests give a far lower result that what the ISP is suggesting, then get them involved.

If you haven't done it before, just reset (switch off, leave for a while, then switch back on) your present router, and see if that makes a difference.

Another point worth considering, is the browser that you are using, and whether that as been updated. Even your computer might give a slow speed, if there are any maintenance problems.

But going back to your original question. There a a number of websites that you can check for reviews on router/modems, so it might be worth while to start there. One particular site worth a visit

  logoff 23:25 14 Feb 2012

Thanks spuds for the comments and most appreciated. I run tests regularly with the thinkbroadband website and others and don't get a lot of variation in speed results. Browser is Firefox and up to date. PC is a little older (nearly 5 years) but run usual ccleaner etc., AV, Malwarebytes and performs OK in other areas.

I will check the website you suggest and see if any information on there too. (have also added an iplate to my older BT main socket and installed a higher quality filter to the socket but not much difference yet) best regards, L

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