Broadband modem USB versus Internal

  simon1003 09:34 14 Mar 2003

I bought an ADSL PCI modem in anticipation of upgrading to broadband. I registered with Pipex and as part of the signup deal was given a free USB modem.

Which modem should I use? The specs for both state the same speeds (8/800). I have heard that internal modems are faster, is there any truth in this?

Or will the only benefit from using the internal one mean that I save a USB port?

  vaughan007 11:18 14 Mar 2003

Hello Simon,

As far as I am aware any speed difference between USB and internal would be unoticeable (unless anyone knows any better). So I suppose the only benefit would be one free USB port.

  powerless 11:24 14 Mar 2003

Pipex modem - what brand? There are conflicts with SpeedTouch modems and the VIA chipsets.

No performance variation in upload and download speeds, to many other factors determine that.

PING is meant to be slightly lower on a PCI card.

Also a PCI card uses less CPU cycles, so a PCI card would give you them back.

If you have a CPU of (takes a guess) 500Mhz go tothe USB Modem. Any lower, go for the PCI card. Doubt you'll notice a difference though.

PCI - Extra USB port.

  leo49 11:36 14 Mar 2003

The Alcatel can be extremely troublesome to setup [particularly with Via chipsets]as it seems very sensitive to PC configuration - I say can be, as it can also install in minutes and give no problems.Any potential problems are usually associated with the power demands on the USB ports - thus fitting an internal modem is one of the remedies.

I've got the Alcatel[and had considerable initial setup problems] so would be interested to hear your experience if you decide to use the PCI, as I'm thinking of going that route in my new PC.


  simon1003 19:40 14 Mar 2003

Hi all thanks for your advice,

The usb modem from pipex is an Alcatel Speedtouch 330, just installed it now and connected with no problems at all, I think that if you follow the instructions link to the pipex setup site in the introductory letter, rather than the modems' instructions then it's quite straight forward.

One thing that is puzzling me though is that my comp seems to be running a lot faster (P4, 2 Ghz, XP) since I set broadband up - I don't mean netwise, but XP is quicker, windows open faster etc etc, am I imagining this??

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