Broadband modem speed exaggerated?

  CurlyWhirly 00:04 15 Sep 2004

I have a BT Voyager 100 USB ADSL modem and when I click on the 2 green arrows on the XP taskbar I am wondering why the figure there is way above what my actual connection is?
When I was on the standard 512 kb service it used to show 576 kb as my download speed even though it was only possible (and rarely ever achieved due to overheads) to go to 512 kb.

Since upgrading to the faster 1 mb service the download speed now shows 1152 kb which is WAY ABOVE my actual 1 mb speed which is I have already explained is RARELY achievable!
Why is this misleading information displayed?
Any ideas anyone?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

  dirtyh 00:34 15 Sep 2004

yes thats your maximum speed,like your car the speedo says 120 mph but will it go that fast.

go hear click here and use their speed test which is accurate.also go there for all your adsl questions.

ps use the test 5 times disregard the fastest and the slowest = thats your speed.

  CurlyWhirly 12:41 15 Sep 2004

Thanks for the link.
I average around 920 kbps and this is after 5 consecutive tests.

  Graham ® 13:09 15 Sep 2004

Also, you can't get a 56K modem to do 56K.

  Graham ® 13:12 15 Sep 2004

Reminds me of those 'One Hour' dry cleaners:

'Ready in the morning'.

'But it says One Hour'.

'Just the name of the shop, dear'.

  Dipso 22:42 15 Sep 2004

The taskbar shows the "True Speed" defined by ADSL Guide's speed Tester as "Actual Speed" plus an approximation of data overheads (non-useful data) and is estimated to be around 8% higher than "Actual Speed".

Basically, it's better to go off an actual speed test than what the taskbar says. I see a lot of posts from people alleging 10x speed on a 5x connection, this is due to the practice of certain ISP's (Tiscali for one) throttling the 10x connection down to 5x, so if a speed test was performed they would see they were getting the speed they paid for.

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