Broadband, modem, router setup

  Jon-Dalton 11:19 22 May 2007

Hi all,

Thanks in advance if anyone can help!

Currently I have BT Broadband and need to replace the Voyager 105 modem because;
a) It can only handle 4Mbps and my connection is 8Mbps
b) I want to share the ADSL broadband with a second computer, and the current modem has no extra port to allow this.

One computer (host) runs XP, and the second runs Vista. I need a wired connection and an ethernet connection for reliability. Thee is currently no networked connection between them.

Question - can you recommend me a 'generic' modem/router that will work with BT and other providers (i.e. not tied), and do I need a combined modem and router or just a plain router?
I don't want to use USB connections as research shows that they are inferior to ethernet.

  Danoh 12:04 22 May 2007

Have a look at threads in the Networking forum; many others with the same quest as yours.

You will need an ADSL modem and router. As the BT Voyager modem only offers USB connectivity and not Ethernet, you won't easily find a generic router to connect to it. Besides, it only does 4Mbps as you say. So might as well get a combined ADSL modem and router as they are much easier to setup and cheaper then getting 2 units.
You have a large choice of standard 54Mbps (802.11g) ADSL-routers, which is all you'll need as you're after a wired network.

I'd helped a friend who selected a Netgear 834 dg834g (v3) combined ADSL modem and wired/wireless router, who is also on BT 8Mb (although he gets 6 almost next door to the local exchange, he tells me).
From memory, you can turn off the wireless function and as there are the standard 4 ethernet ports on the back of the router, you can connect up to 4 PCs/devices.
There are many other

His main PC is also XP as is one son's laptop but with another son's being Vista.
There is a known issue with Vista being able to communicate with XP machines on the same network. Those XP machines needs a special package to be downloaded and installed;
click here

Hope that helps. It will be worth your while to go over to the networking forum.

  Danoh 12:06 22 May 2007

P/S I steered him to boxes catering for the new ADSL2+ protocols as well, for future proofing.

  fitshase 12:08 22 May 2007

Any ADSL wireless or wired router will work with BT and the computers. They will all run with ethernet and will have a modem built in.

I have used the Netgear DG834G wireless router but you can disable the wireless bit of it and just use the wired networking. I am now using the DG834PN wireless router.

  Jon-Dalton 23:03 22 May 2007

Thanks Danoh and fitshase, a Netgear 834 will be on it's way to me soon!

  Furkin 10:52 23 May 2007

Hi Jon,
I use a BT Voyager 210.
It has 1 x Ethernet & 1 x USB connection.
I have my main unit connected to ethernet, & my second unit to the USB.
To be honest, I don't see a lot of difference between the usb/ethernet in speed or quality.
Let us know how things work out for you.

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