Broadband migration - Industry code of practice

  sawest 10:08 03 Nov 2005

In a recent post, it was noted that it was not possible to migrate broadband services from AOL or Tiscali.

This begs the question "How does one change to a new provider once all contractual obligations have been concluded?”

I would like to point out that both Tiscali & AOL have signed up to the ‘VOLUNTARY’ Industry Code of Practise for migration, check the list click here

So, why would they sign up if they were unable or unwilling to provide broadband migration?

I would be interested to hear comments from those that have have indeed tried to migrate from Tiscali and AOL

Check these click here
click here
click here

  Stuartli 10:21 03 Nov 2005

It might first be a good move to read the Terms and Conditions on both Tiscali and AOL's websites to discover their criteria.

  Chegs ® 10:30 03 Nov 2005

I was with AOL,I'm now with Tiscali.

I to had read comments about departing from AOL being akin to removing a tumour with tweezers,they (AOL) had even been judged as legally in the wrong for their attempts to thwart a users departure.

I found it a simple process,I phoned AOL,told them I wished to leave,was asked to confirm by email(or vice versa)and received a response via email stating my contract would be terminated in five days,and after these five days I would no longer be able to connect to AOL or receive emails from my account.Sure enough,once the five days were up,I could no longer access my email account.

Due to my present Tiscali 2Mb ADSL running at less than 512Kbs for the last few days,I checked My Account page at Tiscali lastnight,only to see they've still got me on file as having a capped connection,despite receiving an email from Tiscali months ago informing me of their intention to shelve my cap.I "upgraded" my account online to "Unlimited" and have also emailed Tiscali Tech Support to ask them to check my connection speed issue,I received an automated response stating my connection will be "upgraded" to "unlimited" "Any change to your line speed will take place automatically within
96hrs" I'm giving them the 96hrs to sort it out,if its not resolved after this time,I will change ISP,as I have done with several previous ISP's that gave me lousy service.If it turns out to be difficult,I will be quoting from the pages you've listed,where they have stated they're signed up to the ‘VOLUNTARY’ Industry Code of Practise for migration.

  sawest 10:40 03 Nov 2005

Seems that alot of people are having trouble with Tiscali at present and judging by this link click here's not a new issue either!

Good Luck.

  Chegs ® 11:32 03 Nov 2005

I never judge my opinions on the say-so of others(unless its blindingly obvious its true)always allowing the company time to resolve my issues.In the case of Pipex(a previous ISP I was with)I rarely was able to achieve a tenth of the speed I was paying them for.I sent them dozens of emails with details of my findings,taken from all hours of the day and night.Pipex's response? I'm still waiting.I was getting repeatedly cut off (phone) by BT,each time this happened,it was reconnected by BT for no charge,usually within a couple of days.Once,it was cut off for a few weeks,BT then responded with(when I called them from a payphone)my line had been totally disconnected as it wasn't in use.I nigh on popped a rivet,as I had been using the line,for my lousy ADSL connection.I eventually got the phone on again,and contacted Pipex to arrange a resumption of my ADSL(which I had still been paying for,even though I couldn't use it)only for Pipex to demand a £50 reconnection fee.I told them where to stick their demand,and signed up to Eclipse.BT continued to switch off my phone at various times,and each time it happened,I emailed Eclipse to get them to contact BT.This they did,and usually managed to get my line working again(phone)When they ultimately failed,BT disconnected the line(as it wasn't in use according to their records)Eclipse asked me for £50 reconnection fee,I phoned Eclipse,explained the situation and they(Eclipse)reconnected my ADSL and billed BT for the charge. :-)

  sawest 11:34 03 Nov 2005

Funnily enough, I did.

Have you?

Perhaps you could oblige and provide a link to the page that states "You cannot migrate from our service to A N Other ISP"

Just in case I missed it!

Any other USEFUL comments welcome!

  Chegs ® 14:51 03 Nov 2005

Just spent 15 mins on the phone to Neil(presumably from Tiscali Call Centre) who asked me to go to Tiscali Speedtest site,and run the test.I duly did this,and relayed the result(1.03Mbs) to him,he then left me on hold whilst he reset my connection from his end(my routers Internet light flashed for a min or so)then reran the test.I'm happy to report that it is now flying along at 1.8Mbs,and he asked me to resubmit any further speed issues to him via Steve's email address ([email protected])

So,I wont be needing to migrate to another ISP. :-)

  sawest 16:21 03 Nov 2005

Excellent news!

  Chegs ® 16:30 03 Nov 2005

Only an hour and a half later,its dropping faster than a skydiver with no parachute!

1032 kbps YOU (= to 1.01Mbs) which was where I started. :-(

  sawest 16:53 03 Nov 2005

Maybe it is time to consider migrating!

I use plus net (BB Premier 2Meg) and haven't experienced one drop out in over 6 months!

Occasionally slows a bit, but router reboot usually sorts that. Cos, it's been so stable I've never had to phone CS in anger, although I did call them a couple of times prior to installation and always got through promptly.

Plus nets basic BB package starts at £14.99 for up to 2Meg. No cap, but traffic shaping does occur on the BB Plus packages, apparantely, for heavy users - 150Meg+ Per Month.

And no I don't work for them, just really happy with the service, that's all!

  Stuartli 17:39 03 Nov 2005

I've never suggested you couldn't migrate to another ISP from Tiscali or AOL.

See Section 17 of the Tiscali requirements to end a contract either when you have completed your contract or wish to do so at:

click here

If you want to end your contract telephone Tiscali on 0845 077 4488.

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