Broadband Medic from NTL

  Newuser2555 22:03 10 Jun 2004

The other day I loaded NTL`s Broadband Medic
and since then I have not been able to receive any of my E-mails, I used the new Broadband Medic and got a response and was told they had a problem and the engineers were working on it,again tonight I tried to get an update and found suprise suprise that "All our Tech Advisors are busy, please try later" I have been trying all day, The system keeps saying my password is not being accepted. Has anyone esle got teh same problem,

  accord 22:18 10 Jun 2004

my advise is to uninstall the medic. im on NTL 600K BB and im a firm believer in if it aint broke then dont fix it. as long as i get decent speeds then im happy. Medic is taking up valuable system resources which quite frankly you could be using for something more important.

  hugh-265156 22:41 10 Jun 2004

i have not tried broadband medic so not sure really.

have you tried a system restore to before you installed it?

  nyleridedog 01:54 11 Jun 2004

broadband medic (ntl) is the same tool as the instant support tool (blueyonder.
made by the same here
both crap..leave well alone

  nyleridedog 01:56 11 Jun 2004
  Smiler 17:00 11 Jun 2004

Uninstall medic and head on over here if you get problems click here

  wallbash 17:09 11 Jun 2004

Do not think its Garbage, useful in some areas, much better than correctconnect.
an added bonus is that you have a chat utility to chat to technical support which will save a lot of customers phoning technical support for basic teching or information, has its place for the novice

this is a repost of a reply i gave last Month, still sticking to my veiws

  Smiler 17:22 11 Jun 2004

That's not hte opinion here click here

  Andsome 17:23 11 Jun 2004

I have e-mailed NTL today asking them just what I am paying for. E-mail has kept falling over the last few days. I don't think it's anything to do with Broadband Medic.

  wallbash 18:03 11 Jun 2004

Having medic installed, flags up problems with system , then a quick check to the

click here

At least shows the user, that the fault lies outsde his control.

  Chris the Ancient 18:49 11 Jun 2004

You're not alone!

I tried Broadbean Medic and it completely trashed my system! Thank goodness for ghost backups of my system.

To be fair, one or two people have found it OK.

Thinks... was it one or was it two... Hmmm...

I didn't really need it. I can't really find a use for it. So it went the way of other unwanted programs!

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