Broadband - maintaining a connection

  Spook Tooth 21:23 29 Jan 2003

Have recently signed up with, have static IP and ADSL account.

I'm using a program (bundled with PCI MRi modem) called Conexant AccessRunner ADSL (Wan Adaptor), and all the usual Internet Options are configured to stay connected etc, and to reconnect if line is dropped. Have XP Pro and firewall is disabled - no other Firewall is currently installed (but will be shortly).

Just want to pick your brains before investigating further, but is it normal for the service to disconnect all the time? By all the time, I mean as short a period of 15 mins on, disconnect then reconnect (and sometimes a reboot is necessary as it seems to be taking ages - a reboot and connection is instant). Sometimes, I am on for an hour or more, then the disconnection and reconnection.

I've only had this service since Tuesday and know very little about the technical side to it all. Line gain is full and it's a BT leased line in decent condition and close to the local exchange. Can't think what else to check, have just downloaded the drivers again (think they're the same anyhow), so off I go to check.

Any ideas? Just say - cheers.

  interzone55 21:51 29 Jan 2003

I use Freeserve broadband & I can stay connected as long as I like.
I have the internet settings set so that the line is dropped after 20 mins of inactivity, but that's just a safety precaution against hackers whilst I'm away from my PC.

I have only had problems connecting twice, once when the equipment at the exchange failed & I was without connection for a fortnight (got compensation from Freeserve for days I couldn't connect, even though it wasn't their fault, BT whose fault it was, refused my compensation claim, typical), and once during a bad thunder storm. Other than that, no probs.

Do you live far from the exchange, because if your line is at the far limit then any line noise will throw you connection. Get Zen to look at their end, and BT to check the line.

  Spook Tooth 22:55 29 Jan 2003

Thanks for your comments, definitely useful to see what the norm is.

Live close to the exchange and line gain is max, but I will chase this up with BT, though I think Zen will be even less forthcoming in helping me out - so many variables and easy to pass the buck.

Leaving it open in hope someone has similar setup and can suggest anything.

  grove34 23:07 29 Jan 2003

are you sure you haven't got your settings set to disconnect if left idle for a certain amount of time.

i'm on asdl and it stays connected until i disconnect it,turn the pc off or the company goes bust.

  Spook Tooth 01:57 30 Jan 2003

Yes - I'm sure, those settings read never disconnect and redial if lost...

Nothing in life is simple, is it? Well, not as far as computing anyhow.

  Spook Tooth 03:05 30 Jan 2003

Testing... reinstalled different drivers and reconfigured internet. See how it goes - report back.

  STEVE71163 05:31 30 Jan 2003

I have aol broadband and have it connected solidly from about 5-6am till about 10pm and then i turn the computer off for the night. If you have a firewall and antivirus loaded and working you should be fine.

  STEVE71163 05:35 30 Jan 2003

Sorry i meant to say that it doesnt disconnect with inactivity as sometimes i am away from the computer for 3 hours or more and it stays connected. This i thought was the whole point of broadband.

  Spook Tooth 05:53 30 Jan 2003

STEVE71163, yeah I agree - I'd like to stay connected too.

Going to have to search elsewhere to the cause of disconnection problem, as it hasn't cleared up with reinstall/new configuration.

It wouldn't be too bad if I wasn't using it for online gaming, getting booted out is a right pain.

Also, suspiciously, once I'm disconnected the modem/software often fails to establish a new connection no matter what I do - hence rebooting is the only way to get back online.

Hope someone has some idea of how to fix this - it's terrible to pay out so much for something you can't even use!

  graham 10:15 30 Jan 2003

you have a BT leased line, do you mean an exchange line with dial tone? The term "leased line" means a private connection between two points and they are quite expensive!

  fishmad pete 11:59 30 Jan 2003

Just a thought. Does your modem connect to your computer via a USB connection if so it may be your computer shutting down the USB connection to save power. This has happened on mine. Go to control panel select system, select hardware tab selecet device manager. scroll down to USB controllers then select the hub your modem is connected to. Select power saving and deselect close port to save power (or something like that)

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