Broadband Loss of Connection

  dantheman161 13:40 14 Jan 2008


I have been using Tiscali 2MB from July 2006, with a belkin wireless router and my wireless enabled Acer laptop.

Since December the broadband has been disconnecting. The light on the router with the telephone symbol starts to flash and then the light with the world (internet) symbol disconnects. I have to turn on and off at the mains to restart. Somtimes this will give me a few more hours but it is still unreliable. I spoke to belkin back in December who suggested resetting the router to factory setting and this worked for a while but I still have the problem.

I am no longer tied into a contract with Tiscali so was considering Virgin as we have their cable down our street and I understand the connection would be more reliable.

Any help would be gratefully recived.

  RobCharles1981 13:53 14 Jan 2008

I wouldn't jump the gun with virgin check out some of the shite dayly ratings it gets on click here you can also check these two links to find out what you can get:

click here
click here

  Dipso 21:46 14 Jan 2008

Can you get the line statistics from the router. The first site linked to by Rob has instructions on how to get them.

Despite the seemingly unfavourable rating, I think Virgin Cable is better than Virgin ADSL but checking what else is available i.e LLU is wise advise.

  dantheman161 13:56 15 Jan 2008


I have run the line test. Says my line is capable of 4 Mbps or above and ADSL (LLU) is activated on my line. Packages available include Virgin Media, Be* LLU, Bulldog LLU, UK Online LLU, Tiscali LLU, Sky LLU and TalkTalk LLU.

I am concerned about changing the provider and having a new contract if I still have the disconneting problem.

My comment about the way the lights flash before disconnection, could there be another problem causing this?

Many thanks

  woodchip 13:59 15 Jan 2008

Is this on Laptop Battery or Mains?

  Dipso 14:06 15 Jan 2008

I have asked for your line stats to try and establish if there is some obvious noie/interference problem with your line, this would explain the disconnects.

You are right in that it is better to clear up the matter before considering migration.

  RobCharles1981 14:39 15 Jan 2008

Id firstly check out Be* UKonline, and Sky LLU to see what they can offer you.

Id also suggest for you to get your line checked by a BT Engineer as well for a speed increase.

  pjwheeldon 14:58 15 Jan 2008

dantheman161 mentions Virgin have their "cables" down his street, so I assume he is not looking at their ADSL service.

Virgin's cable broadband is far more stable than any of the providors you have suggested, and will provide a higher user speed, as the cable does not lose speed as it moves away from the exchange as in ADSL. Virgin 20mb cable bb does therefore give 20mb (and due to go up to 50mb this year) . Ditto for their other cheaper speed options.

  Newuser939 15:06 15 Jan 2008

I wouldn't rule out a hardware fault with the modem. Certainly that was the explanation when I had a similar problem which I was able to establish by connecting it to a different computer.

  spargo 15:12 15 Jan 2008

Make sure it is not the Router. Lots of people have had problems with overheating Belkin Routers. If you Google overheating Belkin Routers you will get a lot of 'hits' so make sure that this is not your problem.

  dantheman161 14:02 16 Jan 2008

Thanks to everyone for your help. Looking up overheating belkin routers on the net has shown how large a problem this is and this consistent in the way that I get disconnection after a couple of hours.

I am going to dig out my old wired modem to see how reliable tiscali is, which could prove that the belkin is faulty.

As belkin does have a problem with overheating are there any makes that would be recommended.

Thanks again

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