Broadband Login mystery

  Graham. 20:57 21 Oct 2006

I'm checking a second-hand laptop for a friend. We have the same modem and ISP, and it is sitting on the desk beside me.

I can login using his profile on my machine.

I can login using my profile on his laptop.

I can't login using his profile on his laptop. I connect to the remote computer, but it says 'invalid username or password'.

How can this be? I've checked the details many times.

  AndySD 21:39 21 Oct 2006

Which ISP?

Is it a broadband modem?

Either way try removing the connection in his profile and reinstalling it.

  Graham. 21:47 21 Oct 2006

Done that, thanks.

  octal 22:32 21 Oct 2006

It's probably silly suggestion, have you re-booted the modem?

  roy 23:13 21 Oct 2006


No help, I'm afraid, but I am with PlusNet also and I have that problem sometimes when checking for emails with Mailwasher (using Outlook Express). In my case it usually works ok later.
Not really quite your problem, I guess.

  Graham. 15:30 22 Oct 2006

Problem not solved, but resolved. The laptop is going to the kids, and friend is buying a new one.

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