Broadband local difficulty

  polonius 16:48 20 Sep 2005

Can anyone help my friend? He lives in Llanfair PG in Anglesey, which might be relevant. He used to have occasional dial-up/staying on problems but since going Broadband he's suicidal! Cannot get connected or when connected loses it. Going on for several weeks. Has had BT engineer checking, PC (new one recently) supplier checking, has talked to AOL ad nauseam. Nothing has worked. He's heard that a number of others locally have problems. Any solutions offered?

  Diemmess 17:08 20 Sep 2005

......that a number of others locally have problems"

Chinese whispers, or was the source the BT engineer?

I have been fortunate, very rarely dropped and always apologetically reconnected automatically.
I live in the sticks, and had to wait until September '04 before I could use BB.

Stories on this forum suggest that distance from the exchange is a factor, as well as the obvious one - can the exchage cope yet!

Assuming that all the rules about filters and not grossly exceeding maximum recommended length of the RJ11 cable have been checked, then.......
If your friend can find sufferers locally, they have a chance collectively to get it sorted.

I think he would be in difficulties with any ISP at this moment

  Graham ® 19:23 20 Sep 2005

Off the top of my head (I've lost the list I made):

Modem USB power - remove other USB devices to test.

Extension wiring picking up mains interference. Try from the internal Master socket.

Radio interference from external sources. BT can fit a filter if this is suspected.

  Graham ® 19:25 20 Sep 2005

Did a BT engineer test from the house with his/her laptop?

  Graham ® 20:09 20 Sep 2005

Common causes of Broadband disconnections:

USB modem may not be getting sufficient power. The modem requires 500mA to function correctly. That is the maximum available on a USB hub. As a hub normally has two ports, the second port must not be used concurrently. The modem must be connected directly to the computer, not via an external hub.

The computer may be configured to turn off the modem to save power. In Device Manager, find the modem. It may be under Network adapters. Select Action, Properties, Power Management. Do a similar check on any Routers you are using.

Phone extension cabling may be prone to induced interference from mains wiring. If necessary, run a temporary extension lead to rule this out.

Radio interference from cordless, including DECT, telephones. Turn them all off and disconnect, to check this one.

Radio interference from taxis, CBs, neon lights, streetlights, etc. If one of these is suspected, BT can fit a suppressor to the incoming line.

There may be a clue in Event Viewer. Start > right click My Computer > Manage > Event Viewer > System > Select an Event > Action > Properties. You can send the data to Microsoft for more detailed information.

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