Broadband Line Status

  spuds 18:18 26 Jul 2005

As a point of curiosity, can someone give me an explanation regarding service status on broadband services.

I am using Tiscali 1Mb shortly to be upgraded to 2Mb, yet at times the service seems to slow to freezing point. Tiscali gives a status indicator click here which shows that everything is running fine.I use a programme called NetMedic, and at this present time it is showing Net Delay 70% and Site Delay 30%.

Who is responsible for these delays. Tiscali [in my case] or the site/service routers. Would contention ratios also contribute to poor service. I am assuming that when I upgrade from 1Mb to 2Mb I will receive a very much faster [x40] service. Am I thinking right!.

  stalion 18:31 26 Jul 2005

your download and upload speeds will be faster on 2mb but you will still get the delays because a lot depends on the site server you are connected to

  Jackcoms 20:22 26 Jul 2005

Contention ratios will certainly play an important (or annoying) part as well as 'traffic' at your local exchange. Also the further away that your are from your exchange will have an adverse effect as will the time of time.

The middle of the business day tends to result in a slower service when the world and his aunt are using the web.

People are sometimes too quick to blame their ISP for any slowdown or adverse effects on their BB service when, more often than not, these are a result of factors outside the remit of the ISP.

  Jackcoms 20:25 26 Jul 2005

"the time of time" ????

that should read "the time of day". ;-))

  Graham ® 20:34 26 Jul 2005

The upload speed will stay the same as now.

  spuds 20:59 26 Jul 2005

Thanks everyone for the information so far, but one of my main concerns is through a typical day on the internet. Today as an example, I have been connected to eBay and another two auction sites, buying and selling goods. Using the same ISP and the same BT exchange, and everything as steamed along very quick. Connecting to the PCA website during brief daily intervals, I find that it seem as though I have hit a buffer. I know the site as a few problems, and the staff are trying to correct the problems,but my curiosity is how things can change so suddenly from very fast to then extremely slow, just by connecting to the PCA site.

Why and where is the hold-up. BT tell me it is not their problem and Tiscali tell me the same, so where do I put the blame!.

  Jackcoms 21:03 26 Jul 2005

The hold up is with the site's server.

The PCA site is a perfect example, unfortunately!

  Graham ® 21:06 26 Jul 2005

Your connection speed will not improve matters if it is waiting for the distant server to respond. Just as a slow/busy site can affect the download speed of files.

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