broadband keeps disconnecting, i think

  nifermac 10:51 29 Sep 2004

hi i hope someone can help me i got bt broadband through a belkin router/modem had no problems (the occassional disconnect but only once in a blue moon sort of thing) until this week.
my connection keeps disconnecting, sometimes minutes apart sometimes ok for a few hours and only down for a few seconds/ minutes max.
the data and sync lites are the only ones that go out on the router

i'm not sure if the problem is the internet connection, router or firewall any advice but be greatly welcomed.

  Noelg23 10:57 29 Sep 2004

do you have any digital phones,Sky and are all filters in the sockets? do u also have any extension cables in the house?

  @[email protected]!c 11:04 29 Sep 2004

i have the very same problem..its been like this for a couple of weeks now..dsl goes out of sync every now and again..its so annoying while playing m.o.h.a.a online!!havent been able to pinpoint a solution yet..i assumed it was line noise but that turned out fine..checked all the other usual probs..hope someone can come up with a solution...regards @[email protected]!c

  nifermac 11:05 29 Sep 2004

no just cordles phones, the sky isn't connected to a phone socket and there's only one pc connected via a cable the others are wireless. the pc that's connected via cable is right next the the router.
the filter goes from the phone socket to the router.

  Noelg23 11:09 29 Sep 2004

ring BT broadband first to test your broadband line their number is 08702404650 and if they say everything is fine then ring 151 for BT faults and they will test your phone line to see if there is a problem ring BT Broadband first and take it from there ok.

  nifermac 11:15 29 Sep 2004

thanks will try that and keep you updated with results

  nifermac 11:33 29 Sep 2004

think the problem may be solved need to leave the internet on for a while to confirm.
the line was ok no problems. the lady at bt was very helpful and said the problem may be to do with the network settings. the advice she gave was as follows:
go to system properties, hardware, device manager.
click the network adapters properties, power manangment and uncheck the boxes.
mine had 'allow computer to turn this device off to save power' box checked.
so fingers crossed problem solved . thanks for advice noelg23 and hope this may help you @[email protected]!c

  Noelg23 11:35 29 Sep 2004

I forgot that bit and I use to work for them so I should have known...well hopefully that will work..kepp us posted mate...

  @[email protected]!c 11:53 29 Sep 2004

yep already checked the power saving on my the way my modem is an ethernet dsl there anything else i may of missed to check..thanks for your advice ...karl

  Noelg23 11:59 29 Sep 2004

whoever your ISP i would contact them asap and get them to check your broadband line and also check connections in the house and the settings on the PC...more likely to be settings on modem/router...but check all over again something may have been missed if its still happening...try resetting the router but unplugging it from the PC have it turned off and rebooting the PC and then turn it back on the plug it back and try that and see how that goes...

  nifermac 12:02 29 Sep 2004

yeah i'm back to the drawing board still disconnecting. twice since last reply. will try rechecking everyting again. thanks

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