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  professor 23:09 22 Jun 2003

sup all

as it says ive decided to abandon my trusty V92 modem and go to broadband,but before i do i was wondering does anyone know the best broadband ISP around at the moment? and does anyone have a link so i could find out how much it would cost all-in per month?

i live in dear-ol-blighty in case that has any use(which it probably does, but if it does i dont know it yet lmao)


  jazzypop 23:22 22 Jun 2003

Try click here - there is a 'service providers' section, top left. Not all ISPs are listed, but the majority are. Last time this was discussed, I think Zen came out pretty well.

I have no ADSL axe to grind - I use NTL 600K :)

  simonp1 23:38 22 Jun 2003

I have been with then for 4 weeks, they are excellent. There was a thread on ConsumerWatch last week titled ZEN check that for more comments.

  professor 00:02 23 Jun 2003

so many competitors...its like a dense jungle shrouded in fog!

i need a broadband isp that gives me LOTS of hours online per month

fast reliable connections(im a gamer too)

and a good deal one where i will get a broadband modem in it. price isnt too big an issue but obviously the cheaper the better.

so any personal preference suggestions?

oh lastly with broadband are there any extra charges like dialup charges?


  S Walch 00:07 23 Jun 2003

Just a monthly fee which includes the dialing up to the network.

I'm with v21

click here

They give an offer of £19.99 a month for ADSL 512 with unlimmited online time.

Being a gammer myself - with v21 I get roughly an average of 40 ping - which is great for games like dod and UT2003

They also offer a ADSL modem with it (roughly about £60-70) or you can get a router to link up PC's to share the Broadband between them (routers can usually have up to 5 PC's connect to them)

Hope this helps

  King Diamond 00:13 23 Jun 2003

I find NTL fantastic, I have the 1Mb connection at £34.99/month and I'm an online gamer also. I have never had any problems and a great connection 24/7. Installation is miles cheaper than BT, so thats a bonus.

Plusnet 512k ADSL for £21.99 a month with free webspace, unlimited e-mail and support for file-sharing programs. Or if you just want the ADSL and nothing else, then £18.99 a month.

  S Walch 00:42 23 Jun 2003

I read recently that NTl actually clocked down on how much you cold dld a day - to something like 1 GB - if that's true - NTL to me sounds pretty rubbish.

  hugh-265156 02:06 23 Jun 2003

over any three days in any two week period, yes ntl have a cap.your download doesnt stop when it is exceeded but you may get a letter saying that youre download habbits are not the norm.most isps will no doubt soon introduce this.

i have been with ntl on the 600k service for about 10 mts and download everything and anything as and when,never had any problems.the service i have found to be quick and very has been down on a few occasions due to upgrading the servers but was only down for an hour or so and this was only in this past few weeks.

most isps will have customers that have problems and those that dont.

choose a name you trust and a price and terms that suit your buget.

  The Spires 07:11 23 Jun 2003

I use Bt which I must say has been great, in 17 months it's only been offline about 3 hours total (while I have been there). I have a very good friend in the IT trade who has used F9 for some time (Plusnet group) & he highly recommends it, very good prices too. click here

  simonp1 08:01 23 Jun 2003

ah if you are a gamer zen is excellent. Very fast speeds, no time limit, one month contracts, no set up charge. £50 for modem and 2 microfilters £23 pm + vat. Its not the cheapest but one of the quickest and best. A lot of gamers use them

click here compare zen with others and check their speed.

click here if you like games try this forum.

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