Broadband - internet virgin requires white knight!

  sailorgirl2 02:42 08 Apr 2003

Thanks all for previous computer virgin advice!

I have now 'done the deed' and, after a really bad false start with Multivision - don't get me started - I now have a wonderful Evesham and am a very happy bunny. Next on my agenda is Broadband - I have no idea about any of the jargon so please don't! - I just don't want to pay more for a name I recognise like BT, AOL, or Virgin if what I am paying extra for actually isn't worth having. All I want is the speed, to be able to download music quickly having discovered the endless delights of Kazaa, and to be able to get "Seinfeld" episodes in less than 24 hours apiece.

So is bigger better, or can I make do with cheap -all advice truly appreciated. Thanks.

  AragornUK 03:04 08 Apr 2003

Best thing I can say is that **most** broadband providers offering the service via a phoneline require a BT line for this. So regardless of who you choose, you'll be using BT to carry the signal.

On a personal note, I don't want anything to do with AOL or Freeserve (mates have had problems in the past with their dial up software clinging to PCs like grim death). The prices in general are all with a few quid of each other, so really it all comes down to whose service you'd prefer. Or if anyone can give any first hand experience of any of the obvious ones.

Probably not much use to you but......

  bgc2668 03:23 08 Apr 2003

I have been using Nildram for the past month, and I am pleased so far. I download and stream music from a subscription service, and the speed compared to dialup is incredible. It takes about the same time to download an album as it did to download one track.

As far as p2p goes I think they might slow this down, but I have used Kazza myself and it was maybe half the speed.

Take a look at click here, which has a lot of information on different ISPs.

  ĀÕL иàťﻍŗ 08:13 08 Apr 2003

just a bit of advice not really related but..............STAY AWAY FROM KAZAA! unless it is the lite version as it destroyed my computer with its file deleting and spyware, besides it is a breach of copywright to download protected music tracks, albums, films etc from a file sharing program like kazaa. and you might find yourself in bother from your isp. not to mention viruses etc etc etc.........

click here or

click here and these speak for themselves!

  armageddon_outta_here 08:16 08 Apr 2003

Some of BT's so-called broadband service is not as fast as (say) cable broadband. I use Telewest cable, which is better than using your existing telephone line. Look for at least 512 (£25 per month) or if you really want speed what about 1mb service (£35 month). Make sure you have good firewall (sygate) and antivirus software (Norton or AVG?)

If you can't get broadband and you stay with dial up, make sure that your telephone copmpany has increased the "gain" on your line. Gives you a bit extra speed.

I thought sailorgirls only enjoyed travelling at 4-10 knots per hour. With broadband, you'll need to put in for a transfer to the air force!

  Andsome 08:16 08 Apr 2003

I cannot help you with the broadband side as I use NTL on cable, so have no experience with the others that you mention. Regarding Kazaa, you have obviously not read the many postings on this site. If you want all sorts of problems, including Spyware on your computer by all means install Kazaa.

  porcup1ne 08:16 08 Apr 2003

Yo sailor girl

The best that there is, plain and simple - Nildram and Zen. I am a Zen user, which has been in the top 3 for the year I have been using it. Currently they have no connection charges and you take the contract out on a month to month basis. Speeds are high, not much downtime & support is really gr8!

P2P - Kazaa Lite is the way to go.Try not to get Kazaa (full) as it has a bit of 'spy-ware'.Also as soon as you get broadband installed, get a firewall ASAP, especially if using Kazaa. I have picked up tons of trojans as well as virus. ZoneAlarm is very good and get this - ITS FREE!

Need any further help from a p2p junkie, mail me!

  fitshase 12:33 08 Apr 2003

I am using Telewest Broadband (also known as Blueyonder). The speeds are good, the support is good (only needed it once in about 18 months) and it has only been down once since I got it installed.

As for the P2P software (Kazaa, Morpheus, E-Donkey, etc.), I would mirror the comments of everyone else and install a good firewall and anti-virus before starting them up on your broadband.



  sailorgirl2 01:39 09 Apr 2003

Only price comparisons left to do, and to apply for the Air Force!:)

Have a serious look at either PlusNet or its sister company Force9, who I use (click here) If you buy the hardware elsewhere eg. click here their subscription rates are great.(Still think they have got some top offers on) All things being equal they should get you up and running within 7 days. Very helpful customer services and support good. I can only sing their praises. They even have online tracking so you can check how far your order has got with BT etc. Top marks

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