Broadband internet connection sharing under XP

  DeViAnT 11:36 23 Jan 2003
  DeViAnT 11:36 23 Jan 2003

I think this is quite an interesting problem and I cannot believe I am the only one whom it concerns. There must be more out there who need the same kind of software.

Ok, I have two PCs (more actually but only two on this network), one custom desktop (P3-800, 512mb RAM, 40Gb and 30Gb HDDs) and a Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop on a twisted-pair fast ethernet cable. The desktop has an Alcatel USB modem (the blue bubble style one) and it connects to broadband (BT).

Originally this was a wireless network but the CPU overhead was very large, with fast ethernet it fell so we took that up. Using Windows XP and enabling Internet Connection Sharing was very simple and the shared link was running in very little time.

Right now - the problem:

The laptop runs KaZaA and performs downloads from the internet, the desktop uses Overnet (another peer-to-peer client) and GameSpy Arcade, so basically a lot of data is shifting around. When the laptop is hooked up and downloading the desktop's transfer rate falls significantly to the point where it is only moving a few Kb of data and the laptop is doing around 50-60Kb/s, not so much of a problem except that internet access speed drops a lot and the shared connection is less shared and more 'shifted' to the laptop. Other combinations of PC do not seem to change anything, the computer sharing the connection seems to have a higher priority than the directly connected PC.

I want to know if there is software or a bit of Windows registry code so I can (say) restrict the laptop to 32Kb/s maximum throughput to balance the load, so both computers are effective. I don't want to enable restrictions within KaZaA or Download Accelerator because these are not very efficient - I'd sooner have lots of downloads at low speed rather than just 2 simultaneous (which is what the normal options offer) - also KaZaA cannot search as they count as downloads.

Is there a bit of software to throttle the bandwidth the laptop takes either via the ICS connection or the ethernet link (not so good), or does anyone out there know what I could do, someone else must be experiencing this too.

Sorry it's such a long winded argument but I wanted to include all details. I would fix the problem myself but hardware and installations are my thing not software or the Windows registry! I thought about a router but as the modem is USB I don't think this can be used, is expensive and the whole point of one is that the main PC does not need to be on.

Thanks in advance!

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