Broadband interference on cordless phones

  Cordy Roy 14:01 02 Apr 2005

I have just bought a pair of BT digital cordless phones, Freestyle 2500 Twin.
I have the base set downstairs and 1 handset in a bedroom upstairs.
There is an extension in another bedroom, sometimes with an old corded phone plugged in.
The quality seems quite poor compared with the previous cordless BT Quartet 1100 I had before and is certainly worse than on the old cordless phone plugged in either downstairs, or on the upstairs extension.
I have Wanadoo basic broadband on my computer and plug the phones into the "Speedtouch" filters they supply.
BT Helpline suggested, first, re-registering the handsets, then, secondly, unplugging the base then re-registering again and, finally, we have unplugged broadband and plugged the phones into the wall.
It may be slightly better but there still seems to be more noise than the old corded phone.
Has anyone any ideas please? For example, should I expect better quality? Should I exchange the phones for some other cordless brand and, if so, what should I look for?
Any help would be much appreciated.

  Djohn 14:46 02 Apr 2005

I too have a cordless digital phone and the volume level of the phone is not as high as it used to be with my previous cordless phone. Previous one was also digital but not a DECT one, the current phone is.

Broadband should not have any affect on the quality of the phone line itself, although the signal between the handset and base station is digital it is changed back to analogue when leaving the base set to the phone socket in the wall.

My previous cordless phone was as clear and loud as a corded phone, but I have tried several of the newer DECT phones and none of them can produce a satisfactory volume level for my personal taste, even when set to the loudest setting for the earpiece. :o(

  Lionheart ? 15:53 02 Apr 2005

I have the BT Freestyle 4000 Quad DECT phones, not had any trouble regarding poor quality or broadband trouble.

  Cordy Roy 16:21 02 Apr 2005

Thanks for your ideas Djohn & Lionheart. In the same price bracket (approx. £100?) a friend suggested a Philips 5151 Vox or (at £150?) BT Equinox 1200. Does anyone have experience of these, please, or is it something in the system other than the phones themselves that is causing the problem? I know opinions may vary but I'd be grateful for some more knowledge, on which to make a decision. Thanks.

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