Broadband interferance on Phone line???

  AdventCalendar 15:23 14 Dec 2004

Ive got two phone lines in the house, and both have micro filters on them.

When ever im using the internet, the phone line on either phone is very distorted, with a loud hissing noise inthe background. Sometimes its worse than others.

Sometimes the hissing stops as im talking, but starts when im quite and the person on the other end is talking.

Any ideas???


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:35 14 Dec 2004

You may not have the filters in quite the right place or one of the filters is faulty.

All phone equipment needs to be filtered, phone, modem, fax machine and answering machines.

Ifyou have main box and an extension then

1.filter at mainbox leading to phone

2. extension wwith filter on end leading to PC BB modem.

  AdventCalendar 15:43 14 Dec 2004

Ive got both filters in the BT sockets.

Downstairs i have from the filter my phone, and then an extension of BB cable to my BB modem and from the modem its into a USB HUB.

Upstairs i purely have the filter plugged into the socket, and the phone connected to that, nothing else.

That make sense??

  Djohn 15:48 14 Dec 2004

Your connections are correct. Have you allowed for Sky TV if you have it?

  TomJerry 15:50 14 Dec 2004

borrow one from a mate to try out

good filter should filter out all high frequency signal (adsl BB use high frequency signal). High frequency signal is just hiss to human ears

if you want to buy quality filters, try click here

  AdventCalendar 17:50 14 Dec 2004

Dont have Sky.

I will have to lend a mates to see if that helps.

  AdventCalendar 17:52 14 Dec 2004


Im using 2 of the filters shown on that page already.

The Excelsus Z-420UK-A Dynamic, and the Excelsus Z-200UK

  GaT7 18:12 14 Dec 2004

click here or click here. Most probably unrelated but couldn't resist ; )

Hope you're able to solve your problem. G

  Dorsai 18:50 14 Dec 2004

AS you have two filters, i would unplug the phone upstairs, filter and all.

Then make a call, while on line, and see if the problem is still there. if not, it is either the upstairs filter, or the upstairs phone.

If it is still there, unplug the phone downstairs, and replace it with the phone upstairs. make a call. is the noise still there? If not, the phone downstairs seems to be at fault.

If it is, replace downstairs filter with the now unused filter from upstairs. Get back on line, and make another call.

If the problem gone, the down stairs filter is the problem.

If still there you either have two faulty filters, two faulty phones, or the problem is not the filters or phones. (or my fault finding suggestion is in it self at fault)

  AdventCalendar 11:31 15 Dec 2004

Will try that when I get back. Thanks.

  Noelg23 11:40 15 Dec 2004

someone forgot to aks if our friend here has cordless digital phones? cos if you do this is the problem. your setup in the house is fine, the filters are firmly in place, then my only other solution would be that you have digital phones and the signal on the phone is clashing with the signal on your broadband connection...have you noticed at any point if your connection has been slow or cutting off at times? if so its the phones and you need to get rid of them. as you say you get hissing on the line when your on the internet, so assuming the noise isnt there when your not connected then you have digital phones. so one last time its the digital phones. only if you have them of course. if not then ring BT faults to do a line test.

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