Broadband installation query

  Guady 13:15 12 Jul 2006

I am hoping to switch to Broadband from my current Dial up connection, but have heard that the broadband modem must be installed immediately where the phone line comes into the building. My set up here has the phone line coming into the flat in the entrance hall, and this is where the fixed phone is situated. There is an extension (with no phone attached) in the main bedroom and I then have a wire going through into the other bedroom, where the PC is. This works fine with the dial up but would it be a problem for broadband? If so, how could I get round it? Would I need to put the BB modem just where the line comes in? Also I have read about Filters for other phone points - what are these for and would I need them? Thanks

  wee eddie 13:28 12 Jul 2006

a suitable Modem/Router and a couple of filters, also a set of "Set-up" Instructions.

You will get mail, from them, telling you when your Exchange line is to be enabled, and you install the Filters and the Modem/Router on that day.

So long as your internal cabling is of standard quality and is not abnormally lengthy, you should be able to install anywhere on the system.

You will need to put a filter at every point that a Telephone is connected to your System and may need one between the Modem and the System.

  Stuartli 13:28 12 Jul 2006

There doesn't appear any reason why the BB modem should have to be installed immediately - the service is available whenever you are ready to take it up once activated.

The filters are better known as ADSL filters or splitters.

These are to enable the continued use of other communications equipment such as phones, faxes and answerphhones.

The ADSL connector is shaped differently to the normal phone plug, so it's obvious which one is which.

You need a splitter for all phones etc in the house, including Sky boxes, although the ADSL cable to your modem should be from the splitter in the Master Socket.

You can buy ADSL cables in various lengths if the system is some distance away - I run mine from a 10m cable.

  spuds 13:28 12 Jul 2006

Your broadband modem should work off any socket, providing that you have filters installed, and the wiring and sockets are in good order.

Normally your ISP will supply a modem with full installation instructions including the necessary filters. If you require further filters, then I find Ebuyer ADSL Splitter/Micro Filters are very good (quickcode 39530).

A little bit about filters for reference of what they contain click here

  spuds 13:34 12 Jul 2006

Whoops, typing error with the link. Try this click here

  Stuartli 13:38 12 Jul 2006

Some ADSL filter test results:

click here

  pedro64 14:22 23 Aug 2006

im no computer buff but I recently installed a brand new comp system for my sister.She opted for bt yahoo optionn 1.I followed instructions word for word micro filters etcno mention of the 1 converter tho it states all items with the package may not be needed.the hub is flashing on internet symbol and it states dont connect to comp until light is steady on broadband symbol this is not happening bt tech support telling me comp maybe to far away from main telephone jack and I may need to use a wireles card?? Im plugged into phone extenssion from main phone jack but its only about 4mtrs in length the hub is flashing on internet for the past 24 hrs and not moving on. any help gratefully recieved

  oldbeefer2 15:04 23 Aug 2006

My computer broadband modem is at the end of a 5mtr extension which is itself plugged in to an extension in the bedroom which is another 8mtrs from the main BT socket. Works a treat, so I don't think you need to worry.

  pedro64 17:32 23 Aug 2006

reply noted but the hub light is not moving on so I cant complete the installation (any ideas) also is the converter supplied an integral part or is it an extra that neednt be used.(the installation instructions state some parts supplied may not be required??
maybe I should uninstall everything and start again

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