broadband hybrid?

  palinka 13:11 04 Jul 2007

I use a bb connection (Pipex, in my case) and previously used dial-up.
I'm puzzled about my neighbour's system: her ISP is Ecosse, so she is [email protected] but she now seems to be on a broadband connection that she refers to as Speedtouch. But after closing OE (for example) she still gets a window saying "Do you want to disconnect/Stay Connected".
If it's bb why is there a disconnection option? And I thought Speedtouch was a brand of modem, not an ISP.
Just curious, especially as someone else I know has a Free-online bb connection and says he has to dial-up.
Are these both some sort of hybrid bb?

  xania 13:44 04 Jul 2007

Not all BB systems log-on automatically in which case you will still have to dial up before it can be used. It stands to reason, then that you will also have the option to disconnect BB when you've finished. There's no real benefit in this, apart from when you want to secure your PC from nasties while you're away or you want to make sure your kids can't access the Internet without you being there. Certainly, that's why my step-son uses his BB that way!

  Stuartli 14:00 04 Jul 2007

It's most likely that your neighbour is using a Speedtouch USB modem (commonly provided by ISPs or, alternatively, the Sagem [email protected], for some time now).

It is, in effect, a "dial-up" connection and you can set up an ISP connection using the normal "Set up an ISP account" wizard, substituting DSL for a phone connection during the configuration.

  palinka 14:51 04 Jul 2007

thank you both for helpful explanations.
It now raises the question: if she is using the BB connection (and she is) does it matter either way whether she chooses "disconnect" or "Stay connected" - except of course for the sort of security issues that xania mentioned.?

  Daveboy 16:04 04 Jul 2007

If she has finished mailing/surfing then she may as well disconnect, otherwise stay connected.

  palinka 16:24 04 Jul 2007

thanks everyone.

  interzone55 17:12 04 Jul 2007

You still need to "dial-up" to connect to ADSL, although not in the normal way, most BB modems simply dial 0 to initiate the usual modem handshake.

As many people use a modem router you do not notice this, as the router initiates the connection.

If you have a modem that connects to the PC via USB you will still have to manually connect & disconnect, although it is possible to set applications up so they handle this themselves

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