Broadband hogs

  Graham ® 20:11 09 Dec 2004

get shunted onto 'Bad Boy Pipe'.

click here

  Graham ® 20:15 09 Dec 2004
  Djohn 20:32 09 Dec 2004

click here 25 have already been moved back to the main system and requested to keep to a limit of 100 Gb per month.

If Plusnet and others can cope with 100 Gb per month for each of its customers, why are they and other ISP's offering such low capping's on the pricing structure?

Plusnet say it is a tiny percentage of users that are approaching 500 - 600 Gb per month. surely it is these users that should be paying the extra cost and not the 99% who are using the allowance in a responsible way.

I'm not sure about this capping rate that some of the larger ISP's are persuading us to purchase by offering it at lower price. Where will it stop, how low will the cap be set in the future, how high will the prices creep back up again?

If the vast majority of us using Broadband are using it in a responsible way. [The Providers say we are] then why the cap? Why not let us have an uncapped limit at the same low price? It doesn't quite add up the way I look at it unless I'm missing something out.

  Djohn 20:36 09 Dec 2004

about halfway to the Plusnet article. :o(

  Graham ® 20:46 09 Dec 2004

Hi, most I've used since starting my 1GB cap is .75GB. That's plenty for me.

You have to think of it as Electricity. ISPs make a profit by selling on bandwidth which they buy from BT Wholesale. Heavy users are (greedily) using more than their fare share, putting the whole price structure in jeopardy.

So, it could signal the end of uncapped options.

  Graham ® 20:53 09 Dec 2004

fair share

  Graham ® 21:16 09 Dec 2004

Just read your link. Just as I thought, changes are afoot.

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