Broadband -hiccup?

  badgery 21:20 05 Dec 2007

Just dragged myself into 21st century and got BB.
Very pleased, except for one annoying thing - if I spend some time just doing non-internet work (letters, photos, etc) and then return to try and surf, it seems to stop and pages will not load and my email will not check.

By trial and error (and some frustration!) I found that if I close down and restart, everything works as normal again. But it's so annoying having to keep doing restarts.

Anyone offer any ideas? Thank you.

  Jak_1 21:29 05 Dec 2007

Shouldn't do that however have you tried simply refreshing the sites that you are on and with email simply close the email and re-open.
What os, browser and email client are you using?

  badgery 21:31 05 Dec 2007

Yes tried refreshing and closing and re-opening email.
XP, IE6 and POP3.

  Technotiger 21:41 05 Dec 2007

If you are using a Router you could reset your router rather than closing down and re-starting. To reset the router simply disconnect/switch off the Power to the router, then wait at least ten seconds and then re-connect/switch on the router.

  badgery 21:44 05 Dec 2007

Thanks, Technotiger, will give that a try - but what a nuisance!

  mikeben121 22:33 05 Dec 2007

Check the router settings. Mine has "Connection setting" whihc allows me to define whether the connection should be permanently on or drop if idle for x minutes.

  mikeben121 22:33 05 Dec 2007

Sorry should have explained better. Connect to the router and log onto the admin screens.

  badgery 08:03 06 Dec 2007

Thanks for that, not quite sure what you mean though when you say 'log onto admin screens'. Afraid I'm a real 'newbie' to all this! My router is a BT Voyager 210.

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