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  tooter 19:10 01 Jan 2005

I am considering upgrading to broadband after much searching and comparing speeds, pricing, hardware supplied with or to purchase, connection charges etc. I have plumped for 1st choice Wanadoo or 2nd choice BT. Hope you can clear up a few points before a dive in.
Do you know of any major problem with either of these two ISP’s?
I have no spare USB slots available, do I use a hub or will there be problems if I do?
Can I access my emails from my previous providers (I use two other ISP’s) without logging on with them to receive my email?
Can I still send and receive mail using my previous email addresses or will I have to use the new broadband email address? Thanks for any help.

  jagx400 19:13 01 Jan 2005

You still have to connect as it is not always on as such like NTL/TELEWEST cable

  Technotiger 19:16 01 Jan 2005

Hi, I would reccommend BTBroadband(Basic), I have been using it over two years now without problems. At this moment bt will supply free usb modem and free connection. You will still be able to carry on with your usual emails etc.
It is simple and cheap to add a pci usb card to a pc, you could get one with teo or four usb ports on it.
Good luck and Welcome to the Fast-lane.
Happy New Year.

  LinuxPenguin 19:20 01 Jan 2005

tesco braodband, £20.00 per month, free modem, no bandwidth caps

adsl 512k dload 256 upload

  ACOLYTE 19:22 01 Jan 2005

First,your email addy's from the other ISP's may not be assessable once you swap to whoever you choose,unless the ISP says you can still use there email service(check with them)unless of course you wont to keep paying for 3 ISP's, second you should be able to use a usb hub OK,sometimes tho the modem may not be detected and some modems don't like a shared port,if you have web email that wont be affected by what ever you choose.I am using BT yahoo,and have had no problems,although i do understand some people have.Broadband can be left connected all the time if you wish,but it can be disconnected,i dial when i need and very rare have it left connected.


  Jackcoms 19:22 01 Jan 2005


"Can I still send and receive mail using my previous email addresses or will I have to use the new broadband email address?"

I think that only your existing ISP and new ISP (if you're moving to a new one) will be able to answer those questions.

  steven_frost 19:23 01 Jan 2005

now talktalk have sorted out my 1 meg line i would go for them cheaper than tesco's and thier one meg line is the same price as a normal 512 with bt

  Graham ® 19:48 01 Jan 2005

You would have to free up two ports on the PC by using a four port hub, and plugging 3 existing devices into that.

This is because the modem needs to be on a directly connected USB on its own PC hub, nothing in the 2nd port.

  LinuxPenguin 20:46 01 Jan 2005

yes, you can still get your email.. what you have to do is downgrade your old service to the pay as you go one, that way you still get the email access...

then you just dont use it and use the ISPs website to access your email

  tooter 22:43 01 Jan 2005

Hi Graham! can you explain more about the usb connections and the 4 port Hub. I have only 2 ports at the rear of the computer one connected to the printer the other connected to a camera card reader, are you saying to remove both of these connections and to connect them to an external 4 port Hub via one of the usb ports and to connect the broadband modem to the remaining usb port on the computer. Thanks for your time.

  Graham ® 10:03 02 Jan 2005

An external hub would not help in that case. Either an additional internal USB hub or an internal modem would be required.

If the deal you choose includes a free USB modem, I would suggest unplugging the printer and reader and get broadband working with that first.

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