Broadband gone down, TCP/IP issues?

  ophie 14:38 03 May 2006

I'm having a major issue with my 2mb NTL broadband (connected through samsung set top box) basically, I was disconnected (wrongly NTL ) from my services and when I was reconnected everything came up aside from the broadband, after several calls to customer service, I was eventually put through to tech support, who advised me to reset my TCP/IP, winsock, etc.
When this still failed to resolve my issues, an engineer was sent out, who plugged my ethernet cable straight into his laptop and low and behold the broadband worked perfectly, this was despite me trying it on both my PCs, which have both previously had no issues with the broadband.
After calling tech Support again, I was advised to "take computer to computer shop and reinstall TCP/IP"
However resetting the tcp/ip using the netshell command has not solved my issue, I'm still getting "limited or no connectivity" on both my PCs.
I've now also completely reinstalled the tcp/ip(afetr spending awhile looking for it on knowledge base heh heh), and I'm still getting the same issue.
I've run the network diagnostic and not gotton any fails, everything is "passed" the only issue there is incorrect DHCP address, (I'm typing this from memory so wording may be slightly different)
I also tried uninstalling my NIC, and reinstalling it, I did Ipconfig /release then /renew and I get "unable to contact DHCP server" error on the /renew.

My firewall is disabled, as is my AV, I checked my hosts file and ran a hijack this log, my system is clean :/
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  remind 14:55 03 May 2006

Assuming XP or Win2000, Start Menu/Run, type `services.msc`, make sure DHCP client is started and set to automatic, also in your Local Area Connection properties ensure `Obtain an IP address automatically` is ticked.

  ophie 15:11 03 May 2006

Thanks for your advice, I have checked all those settings are correct at the moment, but i'm still getting the same problem.

  pj123 15:12 03 May 2006

Do what I did mate. Ask NTL to cancel your BB connection via the set top box and give you a standalone modem.

I had lots of problems with my set top box connection (the main one being my Pace box would only go up to 1mb) I was upgraded to 2mb but couldn't use it so I asked, and got a standalone modem. Now my 2mb works fine.

It was all done in one day. The downtime was about 2 hours while the NTL engineer disconnected the set top box and rerouted the cable to a new modem. Set it all up for me and left it all working.

  ophie 15:31 03 May 2006

but surely if I have a tcp/ip issue it wont pick up the connection whether its from a CM or a set top box? or do I not undesrstand the tcp/ip thing correctly? :)

  remind 15:37 03 May 2006

Might be the oldest trick in the book, turn your set top box off for 5 minutes (unplug it, not just standby or whatever NTL boxes do) and try setting up again afterwards. I expect NTL told you that over and over but it doesn't hurt to try.
If it happened to both your home PCs, and not to a laptop, some previous setting relating to your machines is preventing a new connection.
I second the advice re cable modem, but its true that your PC will still need to be able to pick up an IP address.

  ophie 15:48 03 May 2006

I have tried the turning off, in the NTL specific order, and also leaving the set top box unplugged for 4 hours, which I think tech support might have told me to get me off teh phone, but still to no avail :/
Thanks for all the suggestions so far, as you can see, this is really a frustrating issue!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:50 03 May 2006

Have you tried a system restore?


  remind 15:52 03 May 2006

What else do you see if you do IPCONFIG /all, does your pc have an address starting 169.?

  ophie 16:35 03 May 2006

I've tried system restore, and thinking about using the recovery console but want to avoid if possible:/
and yes, I get a 169. IP, so my PC isn't getting an IP address for whatever reason :(

  remind 16:44 03 May 2006

Complete run-down, sounds as though you tried it all
click here

After that, and with no guarantees it would work; If you have access to another PC with working BB and CDRW, download Slax, burn to CD, boot your PC(s) from it - it may recognise your ethernet hardware and establish a net connection automatically. Download `Popcorn Edition v 5.1.0` to save some time. click here

Rule out a problem with your hardware - the problem will be Windows and Windows alone. Still doesn't actually solve it but it removes some variables.

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