Broadband Filters

  MIke 21:37 08 May 2003

Hopefully I'll be getting broadband soon, if my line passes the BT test.
I'll be getting two filters with my modem but will require a third. My question is does anybody know anywhere that I can get one which doesn't dangle stupidly out of the bt socket???
Surely it's not impossible to make a filter that plugs straight into the phone socket like a standard doubler socket?

The alternative that I've considered, is plugging an extension lead into the phone socket, the filter into this then the phone into the filter, at least that way it will look less messy as I can hide the filter out of sight. I'll not be using that socket for internet access anyway. Anybody see any reason why that should not work?

  Zak 21:42 08 May 2003

I have done just that and no problems. In fact I have a an additional bell ringer plugged into the filter and the phone plugged into the ringer.

  jospar 21:51 08 May 2003

Yes you can loss those dangles, there are replacement plates that have builtin filters for wall sockets, I've looked at the site via one of the threads on this site, sadly can't remember which one tho, but it was in the last fortnight.

The other question you asked about extention, I'm having a problem in this area, as I run my broadband of a phone extension, but can't connect a phone on the filter because it becomes dead, I've Got one last option of connection to try, if this works I'll post back, if thread is still active.

Sorry I couldn't help that much but hopefully I've given a pointer

  MIke 21:58 08 May 2003

Thanks for the replies, it might not happen yet, according to bt checker "the line is quite long from your phone to the exchange but broadband should be available further check will be performed etc."

What I don't understand is why they have to have a tail and dangle and just can't plug straight in like a doubler!

Ive seen the front plates too but from what I can see it only allows the master socket to be used for adsl, all other sockets are filtered for normal phone.

  Belatucadrus 22:25 08 May 2003

You mean like this click here ?

  MIke 22:36 08 May 2003


Yes exactly...thanks you just made me happy!!!!!

  siouxah1 23:20 08 May 2003

Have a look at DABS, half that price. but not sure on p&p.

click here
click here

much cheaper!!

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