Broadband Filters

  pj123 15:07 11 Jun 2004

Have a friend who is switching to BB. The package he has chosen comes with free modem and free connection, but no filters. Filters are extra depending how many you require but are £10 each. So 4 filters = £40. I know they can be bought cheaper than that but from where? I tried Maplins and did a search for "filters" but it didn't come up with BB filters. What are they actually called? and where from please.

  byfordr 15:10 11 Jun 2004

click here £1.47 installed loads of problems yet. Get him to buy you a pint or ten with the savings.


  pj123 15:28 11 Jun 2004

byfordr, thanks. Are they universal?

  Djohn 15:28 11 Jun 2004

click here They are called ADSL filters Pete.

They are not all the same though as the above link will explain. Some of the cheaper ones might work under ideal conditions but you get what you pay for.

Link courtesy of Graham ®

  pj123 15:36 11 Jun 2004

Thanks John. I tried ADSL filters but no matches. Am now trying ADSL splitter or Microfilter. I'd sooner buy locally than off the internet cos we need it fairly quick.

  byfordr 15:41 11 Jun 2004

You just plug them in, (one for each socket) plug your phone in, then your modem.

I've set up 10 peoples bb with them without problem. Also a old work collegue found they worked where more expensive ones didn't.

click here 65 reviews...


  Djohn 16:01 11 Jun 2004

If you go to my link and scroll down to the 12th. one it says these are the cheap ones sold by ebuyer and are wired incorrectly. :o(

  pj123 16:10 11 Jun 2004

John Anglian Internet are doing them for £4 each. We are going for that. Thanks.

  byfordr 12:09 12 Jun 2004

I remember seeing that site when I first was setting up a wireless network. At the time they were priced at £1.17 (compared to the cheapest I could find £10) So I thought I'd give them a crack. Worked flawlessly. So I must had ordered 60 of them since, and never had any problems. I know sometimes some of the unbranded stuff from ebuyer varies, so possible was a different type tested. The ones I've been sent always look the same (at least from the outside, must admit never cracked one open)

I always use netgear kit which comes with one microfilter which I always connect to the wireless kit, not sure if this makes a difference.


  Djohn 19:21 13 Jun 2004

Yep! I must admit I'm not an expert on these filters by any means, it was our "Graham" who pointed me to the link sometime back and also explained the differences. I didn't know there was any difference at that time. :o(

Read through most of the reviews from your link and the vast majority are positive but even from those, several say they have removed or cut the green wire. [Brave] and some admitted to line noise but found it acceptable at the price paid.

I think your correct in saying that ebuyer will source from different suppliers at the best price they can obtain at any given period and why not.

Most of the time a cheaper item will do the job just as well as the more expensive option but like all things there has to be some cost cutting in the former.

I suppose if you live quite close to the exchange and your internal/external line is of good quality, your modem and phone are A1 then there will be no problem. I think maybe the better quality ones will give a result on the occasions that the cheaper ones fail.

  spuds 20:33 13 Jun 2004

I use and fully recommend the eBuyer filters that byfordr suggests. eBuyer quickfind code 39530, gone slightly up in price since I purchased 20 at £1.17 each about 6 months ago.

I have two that were supplied with my BB modem, and which look rather expensive.Cannot find any difference between these and the eBuyer 'cheapos'.

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