Broadband filter advice please

  Eargasm 22:36 16 Nov 2004

Hi all

I have just ordered a broadband package from tiscali with free modem and two filters,at the moment i an on dial-up.

The phone socket is about ten feet away from the computer and i have a extension cable to the pc with the internal modem plugged in,at the moment i just unplug the phone and plug in extension lead,then plug phone back in when i am not on line(hope this makes sense).

My question is can anyone tell me how best to set the broadband modem up,and where to put the filter ie at the extension lead end,or the wall socket where the phone is. Thanks Phil

  stalion 22:40 16 Nov 2004

Filter sould be last thing before you plug in to the wall socket for your telephone line

  Technotiger 22:41 16 Nov 2004

Put the filter at the socket end, between socket and ext lead. If you have any other phones in the house, each should have a filter.

  kev.Ifty 22:42 16 Nov 2004

Filter should plug into wall socket. Then phone plugs into one of the sockets in the filter and the cable to the modem into the other.


  Eastender 22:49 16 Nov 2004

You might find this useful click here

  Eargasm 22:54 16 Nov 2004

Thanks for all the replies ,so am i right in thinking if the filter plugs into wall socket then the modem will be about 10 feet away from the filter at the end of the extension lead,will this work ok?

  stalion 22:55 16 Nov 2004


  Eargasm 23:01 16 Nov 2004

Ok grea thanks guys,i had it in my head that the filter went at the end of the extension lead.

  kev.Ifty 23:03 16 Nov 2004

As stalion say's... Plug the phone into the filter, then get yourself an extension lead with RJ11 TO RJ11 from the filter to the BB Modem. Then the Modem usually plugs in via USB.


  Hamish 09:49 17 Nov 2004

Try this site

  Hamish 09:52 17 Nov 2004

Sorry should be click here

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