broadband and fax

  duck1 11:24 09 Jun 2003

as i have a broadband connection,how is it possible to send and recieve faxes i have windows xp any help would be appreciated. ps i have just read the last posting and it is for a dial up i have a cable modem

  -pops- 11:34 09 Jun 2003

You cannot use broadband (digital) to send faxes (analogue). I keep a conventional 56K modem just for Fax use.


  Xevious 11:34 09 Jun 2003

same applies.

keep your dial-up modem connected so that you can send your emails that way, alternatively, do a search for "broadband" and "fax" and read the previous posts detailing what to do and which links to look at

  Xevious 11:35 09 Jun 2003

duh! correction: faxes not emails!!!!!

  graham√ 12:48 09 Jun 2003

Yes you can, it works but the fax comes out as HTML (or something). click here

  graham√ 12:50 09 Jun 2003

PS, that's for outgoing faxes. For incoming faxes there is a service but I think it costs to sign up.

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