Broadband External Interference

  Hangus 11:59 09 Jan 2005

Has anyone experienced external interference on a broadband modem? I have a modem supplied by Wanadoo with two PC's connected, one wirelessly and one hard wired. Over the last 6 weeks or so it has been dropping out of synch at various random times, but usually between 6.00p.m. and about 8.00a.m.. I had no problems prior to this. I have had BT out to look at it and they could find no fault. My ISP have suggested several things including reinstalling, and even replaced all of the equipment, modem, filters, cables etc. and now they are also at a loss. They have now suggested that I may be suffering from some kind of external interference from somewhere. This makes some sense because in the last few days my TV has suddenly started increasing/decreasing its volume, and switching channels randomly as well. This only occurs when my broadband is down. I live in a detached house, and my nearest neighbour is 30 metres away. After that you have to go over 100 metres to my next nearest neighbour. We have not installed anything new in the house and my neighbour has not either. He doesnt even have a pc. Neither of us have sky, a digibox or anything like that. And there does not appear to be anything in the area transmitting anything that may interfere. Anyone else had anything similar, or has a poltergeist moved in without my permission??

  TomJerry 13:01 09 Jan 2005

may be power is not stable and this can explained TV's problem

is there any big power user around? like a factory etc

  Graham ® 13:45 09 Jan 2005

I responded in your other thread. Ask BT to fit an RF3 filter on the master socket.

Here's a picture of one:

click here

  Hangus 21:53 09 Jan 2005

TomJerry, I dont think it is anything to do with the power being unstable. There are no big users around, only houses. I have a surge protector fitted so this should stop any problems with power. The TV probs are as if someone is using the remote to change channels or vary the volume. Graham, yes I remember that, and BT have now fitted an RF3 filter, but this has not made any difference. Thanks both for your postings though. The problems I am having just seemed to suggest that my TV and modem are picking up something on the airwaves like a rogue signal from somewhere. Flashing Fairy lights were suggested, but we did not have any. Anyone know how close they need to be to interfere, or can they be anywhere along the route to the exchange?

  Graham ® 22:11 09 Jan 2005

If you can hold on 'til the morning, I will look for a link to a dept. that deals in radio interference. Or you could google for it, as I have to shut down now.

  octal 22:57 09 Jan 2005

It could be Christmas tree lights, although they should have been removed by now click here

I doubt very much if you'll get much help from Ofcom or the RA who deal with radio interference because there's no proof that is the cause.

It could be an interfering radio transmission anywhere along the line, which would be a nightmare to find, I know by past experience.

The sort of things that would cause RF interference are high power broadcast stations, both TV and medium wave, Radar from a local airfield or from ships if you are close to the coast, radio amateur transmissions, taxi cabs, industrial premisses using RF heating devices, faulty electrical equipment arcing, even faulty mains wiring within your own house!

Does any of the above ring any alarm bells?

  octal 23:01 09 Jan 2005

I forgot to ask, does this problem happen at any particular time of day, or is it random? That may have a bearing on if the interference is industrial or not.

  Hangus 23:12 09 Jan 2005

Hi Octal, mostly it starts at between 6.00pm-7.00pm and finishes at 8.00am-8.30am. rarely does it occur during "normal" day time hours. It started about 6 weeks ago after several months of trouble free surfing. As I am more of a Mulder than a Scully I am leaning towards the poltergeist theory at the moment!! I suppose any of the things you suggest could be causing interference although we are a long way from anything industrial.

  octal 23:17 09 Jan 2005

"As I am more of a Mulder than a Scully I am leaning towards the poltergeist theory at the moment!!"

It makes you feel like that doesn't it :-D

What I can't quite puzzle out is why its effecting the TV as well, the interference would have to be might close for that to happen, do you believe in coincidences?

  octal 23:31 09 Jan 2005

Just reading back on the other postings, TomJerry made a comment about the power supply and I also made it about mains wiring.

I'll explain what happened to me a couple of years ago. I was getting dreadful interference on my amateur radio equipment for a couple of days, which always seemed to appear around dinner time. Anyway, I decided to check the noise out using a portable radio tuned to long wave.

After wandering around the house the interference seemed to be coming from the mains, so I switched off the mains to the house, the interference vanished which confirmed I had a problem. Feeling all the fuses in the fuse box, they were cold, until I touched the main 100 amp fuse and to my horror it was too hot to touch. When the electricity board came they found the mains incoming cable was arcing inside the fuse holder!

So that is something you can try, do you get any interference on a portable radio at the same time? Its worth checking.

  josie mayhem 23:32 09 Jan 2005

Could it be bedtime!

Has anyone near had a baby recently and brought one of those baby monitors. It's quite suprising the range of those things when they transmit.

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