Broadband- Exchange to end User

  spuds 17:06 20 May 2008

I am seeking information regarding the actual way in which the end user receives broadband, or telephone communications straight from the BT exchange to the end user and their computer.

The 'as the crow flies' and distance lengths I understand, but why should it be that three people living within very near proximity to each other, can get very different broadband service.

My neighbour and myself are on the same ISP package, both being fed from a telegraph pole opposite our houses. Yet their service seems to have regular speeds of 5Mb, mine can only achieve between 1.1MB and 2.8Mb maximum. BT have stated that the line should be capable of 5/6Mb.

The other day a BT engineer did a modification, his test from the master socket to exchange, was showing at 4Mb with capabilities of 5/6Mb. Yet on running various speed-checks on my computer, these are showing no more than 2.8Mb. So where can the fault or faults occur for such a difference. The modification was the fitting of a ADSL broadband master socket with a direct extension line to the router.

A further near neighbour using the same telegraph pole and approx same distance, manages to achieve regular speeds of 5/6Mb also. All my neighbours are using multiple computers from wireless routers. I am using a wireless router, with ethernet direct cable connection.

Both my ISP and myself are monitoring the situation, but I would like to have a clear view as to what the problems might be, before another appointment with a engineer is confirmed.

Any help would be appreciated, as this is turning out to be a long saga,which I could do well without.

  brundle 17:09 20 May 2008

You may not find the answer here but there is plenty of good information; click here

  spuds 17:36 20 May 2008

What a great link and website, had a look and some of the answers plus more are already there.

  reddwarfcrew 18:38 20 May 2008

another site to look at is click here. whilst aimed at sky customers, there are many threads there about how to improve your own line conditions in order to get the full potential speed.

  spuds 12:48 21 May 2008

reddwarfcreww-- Thank you. Looked through, but as you say, its more for Sky customers. Wished my ISP were more specific on their website.

Speaking to an Openreach engineer, it appears that my problem is becoming very similar to a few other people in the area. All due to old infrastructure and lack of previous maintenance, and BT are now having headaches, especially on whose going to pay the bill.

Still like to know why properties next door to each other, being supplied from the same exchange can have considerable differences though. Nothing like having a cast-iron case for fighting an argument, especially if I could be required to pay a bill or have the services suspended. The ISP is already talking about 'tweaking' below 2Mb as a connection.

  jack 14:04 21 May 2008

After complaining about poor telephone/computer connection BT came and re-cabled from pole to house,
The old cable 40 years old was an aluminium pair
the new is a multi core type fit for all current and future inputs - so said the engineer

How is yours compared to the nieghbours?
Or dare I ask your internal cabling?

  woodchip 14:13 21 May 2008

Different Router can be the problem, as settings can be also in windows and CPU speed on both computers. The above I have found through my own experience

  spuds 15:24 21 May 2008

A BT engineer managed to break the cable from the pole to the eave of the house, then did a temporary connection. BT returned and then replaced the cable, but left the junction box, 40 year old hard wire cable, another junction box in-situ. The BT Broadband engineer stated last Friday, that the two strand hard wire cable and junction boxes were okay, "but might want replacing in the future". He fitted a ADSL only master socket, and supplied a b/b extension lead, for direct connection to the computer, no phones are attached. Personally, I think that the old outside cable and junction boxes are part of the problem, but the engineer would no commit himself. My neighbours have new stranded cable direct to their home sockets from the pole, no joints.

The router is a new Siemens Gigaset SE 587 WLAN dsl wireless unit supplied as a replacement for previous Thomson/Alcetal SpeedTouch 330 usb modem. Since being uprated to the 'upto' 8Mb service in January 2008, the SpeedTouch 330 constantly disconnected after 4/6pm, to the point of extreme annoyance. The Siemens seems to have cured that. Yesterday the ISP updated the Firmware on the Siemens remotely, but this hasn't made any difference to the speeds.

Regarding the settings on the computer, this as already been mentioned, as is a possible control panel on the Siemens, but I haven't a clue about these.No instruction books!.

Neighbours just been and rubbed the salt in. They have been getting just over 6Mb all this morning, I have managed 3.1MB, which is an improvement on all previous performances.

  woodchip 16:44 21 May 2008

You could try this click here

  spuds 16:53 21 May 2008

Do you think that AMD Athlon XP 1353Mhz (13,5x100) 1500+ Throughbred-B cpu ,could possibly be a problem source?.

I also have a message stating that Realtek RTL 8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adaptor (A/B/C), which I believe is a recently fitted Belkin F5D5000uk network card, may require new version of latest drivers.Could this also cause slow speeds like I am experiencing?.

  woodchip 18:48 21 May 2008

I use a Athlon Palomino 1600+ but that downloads at up to about 7 on a 8 TalkTalk Connection so i would not think you will gain much from one faster than what you have unless you could fit a 2000 running at 133

Your Ethernet Adapter can also be the problem I use Wireless Desktop using a Aldi USB WiFi Dongle that will download nearly as fast as my wired Desktop, but my Wireless HP Laptop using a Intel/pro Wireless inbuilt only works at half that speed

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