Broadband drops connection to use phone

  GBL 23:11 24 Jun 2006

My daughter has informed me that she is unable to use the telephone and broadband at the same time. How can this be.
The other modem is disconnected from the wall socket so that cannot be used.
Is there a setting problem??
She is using the filters.
I still have to go and check the system out for her but wondered whether there is a simple answer.
I will pick this up in the morning as off to bed now.
She uses XP pro, Mailwasher and AVG. The same as me and I have no problem.

  woodchip 23:22 24 Jun 2006

Normal Modem can be left in the Dial-Up Phone side of the BT line and used for Faxing. check that the filter is OK or Filters if more than one phone

  Giggle n' Bits 00:45 25 Jun 2006

All Phone Sockets where there is a Telephone Device plugged in even FAX or SKY must have a Micro filter.

Also Telephone Extention cables are not liked on broadband, get a loose wire and this will happen. Best try is to get a dedicated ASDL RJ11 - RJ11 Broadband Cable and plug into the Broadband Modem and other end direct into BT Master socket in the house. Usually this will have BT Emblem/Logo on.

Is this a new Broadband connection or one thats been in for a while ? Have you had a service upgrade ? loads of things can go wrong but the more of a picture then we can help.

  Dipso 00:46 25 Jun 2006

Definitely sounds like a filter issue. Faulty, missing or incorrectly placed?

Is she on Max DSL? I found my filter wasn't working correctly after upgrading, fine before.

  GBL 09:45 25 Jun 2006

Thanks for the input, I will go over and try a different filter that I have and check the connections. It is a new connection to Broadband.Not sure what Max DSL is. I will report back on my findings.

  Stuartli 10:04 25 Jun 2006

ADSLMax is the "up to 8MB" service.

Remember, if you use the BT Master Socket's test socket (behind the lower face plate) to run your broadband service, any extension phones etc will almost certainly be cut off.

Best to plug the splitter/filter into the normal Master Socket phone outlet and then connect your phone along with the ADSL cable into the filter as normal.

You can buy ADSL cables in various lengths - I use a 10m cable hidden under the carpets direct to the modem.

  GBL 11:05 25 Jun 2006

I have spoken to my daughter who informs me that there is one telephone which is plugged in without a filter, I have suggested that she unplug that one and see what happens. All other phones sockets have the filters.

  Dipso 12:28 25 Jun 2006

That's likely to be the cause.

  GBL 13:57 25 Jun 2006

just heard from my daughter who has unplugged the phone and it now works OK, so Thanks to all, problem solved.
Take care.

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