Broadband dropping out every 5 mins

  morris948 18:11 20 Jul 2007

Does anyone know why my braoadband connection keeps dropping out.
My PC is 3 years old running XP with no problems, all fully updated and protected with AVG antivirus.

I have a BT voyager 105 router, which was part of the broadband package, and just lately when i connect it lasts for 5 mins and then reconnects, during this time the DSL flashes and the icon displays 'Training' for about 20 seconds and then connects.
This can go on for hour after hour, and is a real pain, and some days it stays on OK.

Bt say there is nothing wrong there end and refuse to do anything.

Is this normal?

  Jackcoms 18:57 20 Jul 2007

"Is this normal?"


Have you tried using an alternative router or modem in case the current one is dying?

  hiwatt 19:02 20 Jul 2007

You could try going to the start pannel/settings and right click on network connections and click repair and see if that helps.

  Cockney Rebel 19:39 20 Jul 2007

Does your telephone work ok or do you have any noise/crackling on it.This may be the cause of your problem.

  morris948 08:08 21 Jul 2007

There is no problem with the phones -crystal clear.
Sorry- i dont have a spare router to try, but there cant be anything wrong with it when it works fine some days.
'hiwatt' where did you find 'repair' upon right click on network connections? there is no such thing, just 'open' & 'explore' - Im on XP sp2

  morris948 08:14 21 Jul 2007

Just before responding to this thread, the braodband connection would not come up, it cycled between 'training' and 'no signal'.
After 3 mins of this i pulled out the USB cable from the back of router and reconnected after 10 secs.
It seems a reboot of router did the trick, but i have done this before many times to try and get connected.

Is there a problem with USB power up when i switch on the PC each time?

  hiwatt 13:49 21 Jul 2007

If you go to start/settings/then click on network connections and THEN right click on local area connection and choose repair.

  rawprawn 14:02 21 Jul 2007

"i dont have a spare router to try, but there cant be anything wrong with it when it works fine some days."

I would question that assumption, perhaps you could borrow one from a friend to try?

  howard64 14:14 21 Jul 2007

does the router have an rj45 ethernet socket? if so try connecting it that way in case it is a usb problem!

  morris948 18:23 21 Jul 2007

The voyager 105 is only a USB connection modem,and my PC does not have a RJ45 socket on the back.
I have been lucky today, it has not dropped out for some time.
Im sure that it's a BT problem

  morris948 16:43 30 Jul 2007

I got fed up with all this in the end , so i contacted the BT broadband fault enquiry centre, and a helpful chap did some tests on my line.
During all this i explained my DSL light was continuosly flashing, and stayed this way for the past 2 hours.
He then called me back on my mobile so he could do a line test, which would take around 2 minutes, during the test my DSL light came on steady after around 30 seconds.
The line test passed, and he said the line was good and has low noise.

Well, the interesting bit about all this, since this line test, my connection has been perfect and the download speeds fast, and has been perfect for the past week.

it makes you wonder if they tweak something but don't want to tell you anything.
Hs anyone else experienced this?

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