Broadband dropouts & ADSL Modem

  RWBCAM 20:14 31 Aug 2006

I live in a country village and have an ISP (Trilogy)who specialises in providing broadband on rural exchanges. Just recently, I have been having some problems with the broadband line. It can be ok for a few hours and then it starts to drop out frequently and will only stay up for a minute or two. The ISP have suggested that I change the ADSL modem and all the microfilters.

Two questions:
1) What would be the best performing and most reliable ADSL modem to buy?
2) Has anyone else had problems like those above and did they find out what was causing it?

  Jackcoms 21:00 31 Aug 2006

"The ISP have suggested that I change the ADSL modem and all the microfilters".

Which sounds like so much waffle to me.

What modem are you currently using and make of filters?

How far are you from your exchange? Use click here to find out.

  RWBCAM 21:34 31 Aug 2006

Thanks Jackcoms
This is the response from the link you gave me:
"According to BT Wholesale, your line should be able to support a 1Mbps or greater ADSL connection.
Standard ADSL RAG results:
You cannot receive 2Mbps ADSL
You may be able to receive 1Mbps ADSL
You can receive 512Kbps ADSL
You are approximately 2.45km from the exchange (straight line distance).
There appears to a compatibility issue with your phone line. This could be caused by an existing DSL connection, ISDN, a DACS unit, TPON, a pending ADSL order or many other common issues. This will need to be resolved before ADSL can be supplied to your line".

This latter para. seems strange as I have been on broadband at 512K for over a year. About 10 days ago it was upgraded to 2Mb and often worked fine then suddenly started dropping out frequently. This problem started however before the line speed was upgraded.

My modem is: Binatone ADSL 504. My 3 filters are: Solwise (both were provided by Triolgy when I signed up).

  ade.h 21:42 31 Aug 2006

The last para is not strange, as it is explained in this line: "This could be caused by an existing DSL connection"

Question 1 might as well have been "how long is a piece of string?" If I was pushed, I would suggest USR for modems. That's what I always used to use.

  Jackcoms 13:23 01 Sep 2006

I have no problems with the filters. I also use Solwise.

Not sure about Binatone modems though. For what it's worth I've used the same Sagem Fast 800 supplied by Tiscali since I started using BB back in early 2004.

It's always proved to be completely trouble-free click here

  Input Overload 17:12 01 Sep 2006

I bought these filters click here I'm a good distance from the exchange & the further you go out the more decent filters matter, they certainly made a difference from the cheap filters I used originally. <There appears to a compatibility issue with your phone line> The line test will always show that up if you have existing ADSL supply. Have a read click here concerning filters.

  RWBCAM 22:09 01 Sep 2006

Many thanks to Jackcoms, Input Overload and Ade're great guys for taking the time out to help.
Now resolved, I've ordered 3 filters from ADSL Nation as recommended.

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