Broadband download speed

  ElayEss 14:42 17 Mar 2009

I've just been given an upgrade for my Virgin BB connection from 1Mbps to (up to) 3Mbps.
When I hover the mouse pointer over the tray icon a display says that the Speedtouch connection speed is 7.6 Mbps, show it to be 2.5 Mbps.
I have downloaded a Windows update file of 248Mb which took 19 minutes to download. On the Windows Update webpage the information I was given was that at my connection speed the download should take less than a minute!!(Obviously using the 7.6Mbps)
By my rough calculation I reckon that I got just a bit more than 200kbps(0.2Mbps)
Any ideas what's going on anyone?

  woodchip 15:03 17 Mar 2009

Icon don't mean a thing, check your speed hear click here

  Clapton is God 15:15 17 Mar 2009

As woodchip says, use a speed tester website.

The 7.6 Mbps is only telling you the speed that your ADSL line is CAPABLE of, not the actual speed you're achieving.

  ElayEss 15:27 17 Mar 2009

Yes, thanks, as I said I had tried, which incidently gave me similar results to woodchip's link.
I'm more concerned with the slowdown (a factor of 10x) when downloading of the Windows Update file.

  Clapton is God 15:35 17 Mar 2009

"I'm more concerned with the slowdown (a factor of 10x) when downloading of the Windows Update file"

Different download site can have wildly different download speeds - especially those that see heavy traffic such as the Windows Update site.

If the speed tester site give you consistently good results, that all you need be concerned about.

Downloads can be slow and they can be fast. Don't worry about it.

  ElayEss 16:27 17 Mar 2009

Yes you are right X7-250,having looked it up - 8 bits to a byte!
Microsoft a little bit out with their calculation then telling me it would take less than a minute to download that file!

  BT 16:33 17 Mar 2009

I've also noticed this on the Microsoft download site. It says a small number but when you actually do it, it takes considerably longer.

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