Broadband ...... Distance from exchange, plus..

  bluto1 21:47 01 Feb 2008

I'm soon coming up to the end of my contract and I want to examine all aspects of my BB. Some time ago we had a very useful link which showed, not only the distance from the exchange, but the capabilities of that line. ie Capable of delivering X MB/s and so forth. Any help with the link please? Ta V M.

  kimjhon 22:23 01 Feb 2008

Is this what you want ?
click here

  Dipso 22:37 01 Feb 2008

There are several ways but I prefer click here fill in all details then once you get the results click on BT ADSL and this should give you "as the crow flies" distance to the exchange and an estimate of the speed you could get. Bear in mind, the distance to the exchange could be twice that and the speed estimate is conservative.

  bluto1 22:39 01 Feb 2008

Thanks for reply.
I don't think it is, I downloaded it and was asked for download and upload speeds which I couldn't supply.
Thanks anyway.

  Miros 23:06 01 Feb 2008

Try this. click here
Mind you mine usually shows twice the speed it is showing at the moment, could be time of day and the amount of traffic.

  Miros 23:14 01 Feb 2008

This will tell you where your exchange here

  Stuartli 23:40 01 Feb 2008

...and whether it's LLU equipped.

  bluto1 11:02 02 Feb 2008

Thanks for the help,I've checked them out and Dipso's one is the one I wanted. Dipso, I didn't see your reply last night, I switched off after my first reply.

  Dipso 15:00 02 Feb 2008

No worries! :)

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