Broadband Discussion - Pricing & Availability

  tbh72 13:09 03 May 2003

I have had Broadband for twelve months. I have had no cause to complain, however, people are being able to test their connection speeds and are becoming more experienced with the technology.

Here's my first question. Q1. If you are too far from the exchange you wont get Broadband. Does that mean if you are closer to the domain you will achieve better speed results then someone at the outer limits of the exchange?

If this is the case, would it be fair to introduce a different pricing structure based on your distance from the exchange? Is it fair to pay the same for less?

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Ok, let's have your thoughts, feel free to post your own Broadband topics of discussion here also. Let's DEBATE.

  caast ©™ 13:14 03 May 2003

This is one of those questions that may be better aired in the consumerWatch forum.

Just a thought maybe

  tbh72 13:18 03 May 2003

Thank-you caast, however I hope this thread will lean towards help & advice on a technical level as appossed to influencing habits!!! Lets see how it develops.

  tbh72 13:21 03 May 2003

influence "BUYING" habits..... Oooop's buying escaped me

  caast ©™ 13:27 03 May 2003

Point taken, It was just a thought, you might have a wider audience.

  crx1600 15:12 03 May 2003

its a digital service,so id imagine you either get your bandwidth or you dont,there no half measures?(unlike analogue)

  pj123 17:43 03 May 2003


I was always under the impression that BB was "grouped" eg. if 20 people in my area are on the same bb connection and all logged on then the speed was dramatically reduced. If I was the only one logged on then my speed would be the fastest available, until others started logging on.

I didn't think distance came into it, if you are connected to a digital exchange.

I must add that I am on cable and not telephone lines.

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